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Nelson Mandela has died

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PacificDogwood Thu 05-Dec-13 21:46:37


He was the first proper hero of mine

SoupDragon Fri 06-Dec-13 11:12:04

Boschy I agree. He lived a long and full life and died a free man in a country he helped free from apartheid.

mrsjay Fri 06-Dec-13 11:13:53

I agree boschy he was an ill 95yr old who had been dying for a long time from what i understand he can now RIP

ExcuseTypos Fri 06-Dec-13 11:19:53

Mig I can't read that. I'd love to know what it says please.

mrsjay Fri 06-Dec-13 11:21:32

If you click on the picture it comes up bigger excusetypos

Mignonette Fri 06-Dec-13 11:22:53

Thanks MrsJay Sorry, I should have said that, Excuse.

it is rather lovely isn't it and of course I like to believe Mr Mandela would be more touched by the tributes from unknown people than all the dignitaries...

mrsjay Fri 06-Dec-13 11:24:27

yes it is a lovely quote

Abra1d Fri 06-Dec-13 11:25:30

That is lovely, Mignonette.

I hope there's another man or woman with similar qualities to NM growing up somewhere in the world, because we really need them. Is it possible, though?

ormirian Fri 06-Dec-13 11:25:40

One of those people that you feel you'd love to have met. His death diminishes the world sad

mrsjay Fri 06-Dec-13 11:27:26

I watched a clip of him dancing earlier on the news the man just seemed so joyous and happy

ExcuseTypos Fri 06-Dec-13 11:30:10

Thank you!

It is a lovely quote. It sums up his life and although he was a leader, it is very relevant to us little people too.

And I agree with you Abra, I hope there are girls and boys growing up somewhere in the world with his qualities.

Mignonette Fri 06-Dec-13 11:31:07

He did seem full of joy and was probably a bit naughty wink....

BeCool Fri 06-Dec-13 11:40:48

I'm not so sad that he has died - he was old and frail and his time had come. I'm thankful and grateful he died an old old free man.

I've never felt so emotional over someone I never met. I'm thinking of his life and everything he achieved, and how much the world has changed in my lifetime, in no small part because of him.

HesterShaw Fri 06-Dec-13 11:53:36

Good post, BeCool. He's out of pain now.

Archbishop Tutu was obviously very upset sad.

Yes, BeCool, if I think how I'm feeling it's not so much sad as inspired thanks
When I see the singing and dancing in South Africa I can see many feel the same - of course even more so for the people of his country

HesterShaw Fri 06-Dec-13 12:03:57

People are saying there is no one to replace him. I'd quite like to believe he was exactly what South Africa needed at the time. He has not been in public life for several years now. In his wisdom, he stepped back and handed over before he physically needed to, so that others could take up the mantle. Wasn't the last time he even appeared in public at the World Cup in 2010. I'm hopeful that decision bore fruit and South Africans don't need him. I so hope that.

petteacher Fri 06-Dec-13 12:05:00

He was kept in prison for 27 years Almost unheard of RIP

petteacher Fri 06-Dec-13 12:06:47

These are Obituaries. The papers at the weekend will go into how S.A changed

HesterShaw Fri 06-Dec-13 12:20:58

Yes I know smile

However I don't think was being inappropriate. Obituaries take in all sorts.

Rest easy, great man.

Hushabyelullaby Fri 06-Dec-13 12:28:14

Hushabyelullaby Fri 06-Dec-13 12:29:06


pmTea Fri 06-Dec-13 14:12:15

Abra1d I hope that is possible. God know the world continues to need more people like Mandela. A great man.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Dec-13 14:27:13


We've moved this to In The News now at the OP's request

2Tinsellytocare Fri 06-Dec-13 14:29:56

RIP, you achieved so much let us never forget the travesties you fought against

CosyTeaBags Fri 06-Dec-13 14:38:15

I'm not so sad that he has died - he was old and frail and his time had come. I'm thankful and grateful he died an old old free man

I agree with this - they had people on the news earlier saying it was a 'Tragedy'. But it's not is it - a 95 year old man dying a peaceful death and leaving a great legacy is not a tragedy. It is time for celebration of his life, and reflection on what he has taught us.

Wafflenose Fri 06-Dec-13 14:51:24

It is not a tragedy. It was time. I am not South African, and never met him (would have loved to) but it still seems strange and sad that he's not around any more. Such a lovely, lovely man. I'm so pleased that he lived a long and productive life after his release, and died old, free and happy. What a legacy. I don't think there will ever be anybody quite like him.

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