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Parkinson - Kylie interview

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Azure Fri 27-Feb-04 16:30:23

According to the Evening Standard, in the Michael Parkinson interview with Kylie he asked if, at 35, "she was a little old to be considering children". Rude git.

squirmyworm Fri 27-Feb-04 16:32:05

when I had ds I got pretty used to being a bit defensive about my age (37) but the midwife who I met in hospital said -'oh no, that's the perfect age to have your first' bless her

Twinkie Fri 27-Feb-04 16:36:56

I was 25 when I had DD and the midwife mentioned that I was quite old - mind you was in Basildon and the rest of the mums to be were 12 and up!!!

I like parky - DP reckons he is a prick who can't even speak properly - coming from a man with a pronounced lisp!!! (Mind you I have one too aparantly so can't speak - literally!! )

Northerner Fri 27-Feb-04 16:40:40

Really? Gosh I'm shocked. Thought he was a bit more diplomatic than that. Hope Kylie put him in his place!

mummytojames Fri 27-Feb-04 16:47:11

if she was in her late fiftys then i might agree but thirty five shes still young and active and sw 37 is not old my mothers in her fortys and im still asking her if im going to have a baby bother or sister (usual reply piss off i like my holidays abroad to much lol) and twinkie 25 is suppose to be the average age to haave children now and i think 12 might be a bit to young let them have there life before having to look after another i say between 20 and late forys early fifty is a perfect age to have kids

capecod Fri 27-Feb-04 17:21:01

I think it is old considering she has nt ever been in a really long term realtionship

Clarinet60 Fri 27-Feb-04 18:23:18

Told you Parky was a twat. you should listen to your old droile, you know. The rude git.

JJ Fri 27-Feb-04 18:25:01

Coddy, she has to be in a long term relationship to consider having children?


Freckle Fri 27-Feb-04 18:39:14

Well, don't forget that Parky is from a generation where the average age to get married was between 18-22 and having babies followed pretty smartly after that. I think he's a similar age to my parents (Mum was 19 on marriage and 21 with first baby). I haven't followed suit, having my first at 37 and my third at 41. My mum was not overly happy when we went for no. 3, although in years gone by when families had many children, it was not at all unusual for women to be having babies in their late 30s/early 40s, albeit these would have been the youngest children rather than the eldest.

aloha Fri 27-Feb-04 19:19:02

I met my dh at 35, and had my ds at 38 having conceived at 37.
He's living in the past.

aloha Fri 27-Feb-04 19:20:31

Also he's from Yorkshire. My dh's two brothers both were married by 22 - then divorced and remarried etc etc. It wasn't at all unusual and I know my SIL thinks I'm a loony to have a toddler at my age - she'd NEVER say anything, but I know she thinks we're mad.

capecod Fri 27-Feb-04 19:30:26

Yes Jj I think she does. It s nice to have a Mum and a Dad.

spacemonkey Fri 27-Feb-04 19:31:12

He's a wrinkly buffoon.

JJ Fri 27-Feb-04 19:35:43

Yes, it is nice to have a mum and a dad. Most people do. Actually, yes, all people do. Amazing, isn't it? That boy plus girl sure does make babies sometimes.

But you're saying is that the babe needs a mum and a dad to be there while growing up?


capecod Fri 27-Feb-04 19:38:36

JJ I dont know what you are on about.

Yes I think its better to have two parents if the situation allows it (and i realise that for lots of people it doesnt, but theat even they would agree that two happy parents is the ideal).

Bit of a no brainer.

JJ Fri 27-Feb-04 19:43:32

Actually, I think if a woman wants children she should have them whether or not there's a serious male (ie father) interest around or not.

So I guess we disagree there.

Just having a go.

Clarinet60 Fri 27-Feb-04 19:46:53

He may be old and from Yorkshire but as he's been in journalism and showbiz for the last 100 years, he ought to be up to speed. He was just being a rude arse, as per. Winding her up so he could do a Meg Ryan on her.

spacemonkey Fri 27-Feb-04 19:59:23

Don't get me started on meg ryan. She's a puff-lipped fool.

Tortington Fri 27-Feb-04 21:00:20

kylie is a donkey

Clarinet60 Fri 27-Feb-04 21:49:44

How do you know, cust?

Hulababy Fri 27-Feb-04 22:07:18


kiwisbird Fri 27-Feb-04 22:27:43

Isn't he a bit old and gnarly to be hosting young beautiful FERTILE women on his show?

Lisa78 Fri 27-Feb-04 22:30:35

Whats wrong with Yorkshire then Aloha?!

And I wish Kylie would get pregnant, then maybe her bum would get as big as mine and she wouldn't do those stupid semi-naked calendars that friends DH buys for my DH each year which end up in the garage

Rant over

Clarinet60 Fri 27-Feb-04 22:54:55

I think Aloha means that the Yorkshire of Parky's youth was a bit behind the times. I can vouch for the fact that there are still many backwaters left where attitudes haven't changed much since then.

spacemonkey Fri 27-Feb-04 23:11:08

i think kylie looks a bit equine

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