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I’ll treat attacks on women as a hate crime, says new DPP Alison Saunders

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YoniMatopoeia Mon 04-Nov-13 15:18:44

I hope this is not all talk.

She wants to get the first prosecution for FGM, and increase the number of rapes that are prosecuted, as well as addressing domestic abuse and violence against women more generally.

scallopsrmissingAnyFucker Mon 04-Nov-13 16:13:44

Oh that's heartening to read. Keir Starmer did a lot to try and change the justice system with regards rape and child abuse trials. Very glad his successor seems to be continuing along similar lines.

kickassangel Mon 04-Nov-13 16:17:20

I particularly like the idea of a network of units that share lessons etc.

Until we really get how & why people attack those who are 'weaker' then prosecution is part of cleaning up after the act, rather than preventing it in the first place.

PacificDogwood Mon 04-Nov-13 17:06:26

Oh, good, she sounds as if she would not succumb to pressure from whatever direction to make fast decisions too readily - good on her!

Of course violence against women is a hate crime and I'd welcome it officially being recognised as one. The article was not v in depth but a great declaration of intent.

Here's hoping she won't get bogged down by the minutiae of the day to day running of the job, that all of this will end up watered down or further down the list of priorities. Go, Alison, go!

YoniMatopoeia Mon 04-Nov-13 17:22:42

It is most encouraging. Also looking into trafficking.

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