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Religious Symbol Ban in France 2nd Thread

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Adilah Sat 21-Feb-04 19:13:40

After reading through all the messages on the original thread, i really don't know what all the fuss is about!

I am a Muslim. I became a Muslim of my own free will. Nobody forced me to make this decision. Islam gives me an inner peace that i could not even begin to explain, it has taught me about myself, the nature of the world and how to live a peaceful life with sincerity in my heart. I cover myself with conviction. I do not miss my former life and i have no regrets. I am so at peace.

I am sad at the news of this ban, I have always believed with a passion that everyone has the right to express their religious beliefs in any way the like. I ask myself what about nuns, who cover their hair for the same reason as we do..will they have to stop wearing their head coverings in France? Why should a Jewish male not be allowed to wear his skull cap? Are we going to ban caps and wooly hats now too?

Think for a minute about the young French girls who have covered their hair of their own free will. How is it going to be for them first day back at school?

Respect and Peace!

hmb Sat 21-Feb-04 19:22:22

The ban is only affecting people in schools Adilah. The French state school system is separated by law from religion and this has led to the ban (please note I am not saying that this is right, only giving the reason that the French government have given). There is no prohibition on people wearing religious items anywhere else, only in schools.

Adilah Sat 21-Feb-04 20:05:58

Thank you for pointing that out although i was perhaps looking at a bigger picture.
I am afriad that the banning of the veil will mean that French Muslim Girls will lose their right to education due to their own respective belief in Islam. I feel this is unfair!

A Muslim girl who has chosen to practise her religion will have to make a very difficult choice indeed 'Religion or education?'. What about the girls who will be taken out of school? What about those forced to be homeschooled and leave the life at school that they might once have loved?

mammya Sun 22-Feb-04 14:12:09

Yes but what about girls who have not chosen to be muslims and to be covered, and yet have to because of their parents' beliefs? How can a little girl of 7 or 8 make an informed decision as to what religion she wants to be?

SoupDragon Sun 22-Feb-04 14:14:31

Banning the covering isn't going to make that any better, Mammya. It will simply take the children away from mainstream schooling as Adilah says. Is that going to allow them to make an "informed choice"?

suedonim Sun 22-Feb-04 14:35:42

My son's girlfriend is French Muslim and she fully supports the ban in schools.

mammya Sun 22-Feb-04 14:40:26

I know, it was just a knee-jerk remark. Sorry. I don't agree with the ban myself but it annoys me when people use that argument about "choosing to wear the veil". Adults can make an informed choice, children can't. I agree that banning the wearing of religious symbols in schools is not a good idea. And IMO it's fairly obvious that it's an anti-muslim piece of legislation, no matter how many times they repeat that all religious symbols are covered. Sorry if I repeat stuff that's been said on the other thread, will go and read it.

marialuisa Sun 22-Feb-04 16:12:33

Adilah, nuns' reasons for covering their hair are not the same as the ones given by muslim women who wear a headcovering. many women who wear the headscarf/veil/bourka do so for cultural reasons and not religios ones. Hence the 4 year olds with headscarfs.

Adilah Sun 22-Feb-04 18:27:51

Good evening everyone

Adilah Sun 22-Feb-04 18:41:16

I read your msg's with interest.

Perhaps the four year olds that you have seen Marialuisa wearing the headscarves are 'playing at being mum' as i did at that age with high heels and mums bag etc.. My friends little girl (who is also four) always pleads with her mum to wear her scarf when they are going to the park. I think it is really sweet - no one is forcing her, she's just playing mum! Isn't that what kids do?

A girl DOES NOT have to cover her hair until she reaches the age of puberty. That is a fact.

Oh, and Suedonim, I have many friends who are of North African origin and born Muslims and they do not cover either. It doesn't set the standard but who are we to judge anyone? Oh..and most of them do not approve of the ban..we all believe religious freedom is for everyone as is peace and respect! Out of here

suedonim Sun 22-Feb-04 19:45:28

Scuse me, am I judging??? I'm just relating what one person in my family thinks! She has told me she believes that if you are a Muslim in France, your duty is to be French first, and then a Muslim. And that your religion is a private matter that shouldn't impinge on school. That's not judging, it's an opinion from someone in the know. I dare say others differ in their view, that doesn't make her opinion any less valid.

Adilah Sun 22-Feb-04 21:36:15

Good evening Suedonim,

I hope that you are well
When i said 'we' i did not mean 'you and i', i meant 'we' my friends and myself who i had just referred to. What I am saying is that God will judge each of us and it is not for us to judge each other.

I have made my point on this thread, (msg One) and that is really all i have to say. Thank you all for your comments. Au revoir.

bloss Mon 23-Feb-04 05:12:21

Message withdrawn

marialuisa Mon 23-Feb-04 08:47:24

No adilah, my friend teaches in a school where the majority of pupils are Pakistani. She has had parents refusing to let their 4 year olds do PE and insisting they be allowed to wear headscarfs. They are not "playing mum", but as I said the parents' reasons for wishing their DDs to wear headscarves are cultural.

Adilah Mon 23-Feb-04 08:53:34

Glad you see the reasons why.


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