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Are we all ill-mannered oiks now?

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columngollum Mon 21-Oct-13 11:32:51

Susan Papas, the headmistress of Seldon School in Croyden, is the victim of a hate campaign because she has asked some parents to refrain from smoking outside her school.

While the problem itself is a trivial one its implications are not. Has it become socially acceptable in an anonymous online world to be both spiteful and hateful? Presumably in the real world anyone breaching the peace would be sanctioned accordingly, (and today's worst online offenders are too.) But this story seems to fall somewhere in between. It seems as though the parents are being poor role models at the school gate and holy terrors on the Internet.

But, I presume, there's not much to be done about it unless someone breaks the law. Presumably there's nothing illegal about expressing the view that you'd rather your child had a headmistress who was kinder to smokers.

Is this how modern life is supposed to be? Bad manners, spite and online harassment is now an acceptable and integral part of life?

quoteunquote Mon 21-Oct-13 12:33:14

Sounds as if she has her work cut out dealing with a nasty bunch.

Most people are nice, that why these sort of things are news,

Is it a particularly deprived area, or just got a few nasties, either way I feel for the children and the lovely people who have to put up with the vile, every community has some, and they always stand out because it isn't the norm.

Pootles2010 Mon 21-Oct-13 12:35:23

Don't think it's anything new I'm afraid - it's always been the case that most people are decent, and few will be twattish.

Sadly you tend to notice the twattish ones - how many were being hateful, in presumable a much larger school?

columngollum Mon 21-Oct-13 13:01:18

I don't know the school. It's just in the education section of the BBC news website.

But, since the woman has been brought in in order to turn the school's fortunes around, perhaps the parents ought to be grateful for her presence, rather than harassing her on account of something trivial. Presumably she can just leave if she feels like it!

claig Mon 21-Oct-13 13:01:36

'Are we all ill-mannered oiks now?'

How very rude! Some of us ain't!

Tanith Mon 21-Oct-13 14:27:42

Have you visited AIBU recently? wink

brettgirl2 Tue 22-Oct-13 07:21:42

I think its amazing unless there is more to it than meets the eye. Ok dd has only been at school 6 weeks but I'm yet to see anyone smoking at the school gates. Abusing headteacher online? Words fail me truly confused

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