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Tesco profits down - where they have gone wrong?

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Funions Wed 02-Oct-13 19:47:12

Not so very long ago, Tesco used to be held up as a massive UK business success story. I've read Tescopoly and sure some people despise them - they've enraged farmers and the protest lobby by aggressive policy with suppliers,store-expansion and squeezing out independent shops.

They've made a bunch of bad decisions outside the UK; but they had a huge loyal customer-base in the UK and a lot of their problems must come down to complacency and not thinking enough about their home-grown customers, despite the masses of data they collect through clubcards.

I'll post my own personal reasons for reducing my shopping with them, but think it would be interesting to have an open-forum to see just how out of touch and poor they have become, with stories from MNetters. Maybe someone from Tesco will read it and have a think about what they can change.

Dear Tesco....

This is where you have gone wrong...

BackOnlyBriefly Thu 26-Dec-13 13:18:52

Well, reading the descriptions of tesco I'd certainly not shop there. Except that I already do and have no huge complaints.

To be fair mine is delivered so I do miss out on queues and asking people how to cook meat. I just pick stuff out online and it's delivered. Usually within the first 5 mins of the 1 hour slot, which is convenient.

I haven't noticed any issue about freshness. I can buy fruit knowing it's going to be good quality. Does this vary by store perhaps because the stock turnover at mine must be pretty high.

As for price that's hard to tell unless I were to switch to another supermarket completely. They do refund me the difference if my shopping would have been cheaper elsewhere. I don't know precisely how that determination is made though and it might be purposely skewed. Anyone got any evidence one way or another?

Of course they don't care about me. They are a company and they care about making profits. When they are nice to me it's a matter of public relations not kindness. I find it a bit odd that people think other companies do care about them.

higgle Thu 26-Dec-13 13:32:01

I still do my main shop at Tesco, and top up at Sainsbury's mid week.
The staff are very poor at Tesco, when i did my big Chritmas shop the assistant said it was a shit place to work and that she did her shopping somewhere else even though she got staff discount. In the past I've been ignored by the checkout assitant talking to the next cashier or been caught in the middle of a conversation slagging off the manager. Of late I@ve also seen a few military organisations - army cadets, air force etc. bag packing and I always leave when i see there is encouragement fto children to join the forces. The main thing I don't like is that the prices yo yo without apparent reason - value kindey beans can go up by as much as 10 p a week ( and they were only 18p to start with. The offers are incomprehensible and out of 3 offers on Heinz beans about a month back the cheapest deal was never the one with the "offer" sign. Yes the food is boring, not much choice on fresh stuff, a terrible vegetarian section and shelves and shelves of cheap readymeals.

The fish counter is a joke, despite having "fresh" fish laid out they won't cut you a piece to size, and all of it seems to be defrosted too.
If I could get slilghtly more in Aldi I would, but the vegetarian section there is virtually non existent so I have to go to Tesco for some things, but I am not a happy shopper there.

p.s. the lovelilest shop assistant I have met for ages was on the checkout at iceland in Dursley just before Christmas (popped in for some ice cream Belgian chocolate things)

MILLYMOLLYMANDYMAX Thu 26-Dec-13 13:35:54

Can I ask has anyone else had experience of the new look Tesco layout.

Rufustherednosedreindeer Fri 27-Dec-13 20:46:18

Used to shop all the time at tescos, weekly online delivery

I use sainsburies now, it is more reliable, less substitutions, and you can have just an hour slot

I do pop to our local occasionally and it's a lovely shop, but I'm also annoyed by the way they are building store , after store, after store. So I don't shop there so much as I'm annoyed with them

I know they don't care but it makes me feel a bit better grin

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