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Apparently driving damages your ovaries...

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VersionTwo Sun 29-Sep-13 20:27:17

Bump smile

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 17:32:55

The earlier one didn't attract many posters, so not that surprising you missed it smile

VersionTwo Sun 29-Sep-13 17:21:15

Oops! blush sorry I didn't see earlier thread!

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 17:10:19

Here's an earlier thread on this. I think title of this one is a hit more eye catching (and your link isn't to the Mail)!

VersionTwo Sun 29-Sep-13 17:05:44

VersionTwo Sun 29-Sep-13 17:05:30

Here's a link to bbc news. Apparently the clerics are upping the anti on women drivers.

I can't access trotter ATM but there is a petition in there to sign up against this ridiculous statement and ban.

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