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Rena Salmon murder

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lazyeye Tue 17-Feb-04 14:11:39

Just interested to see what pple think of this case which I must have totally missed in the press when it broke.

He sounds like a nasty piece of work, but........

Piece from todaysGuardian

donnie Tue 17-Feb-04 14:21:34

I remember this case quite well. The Guardian piece is , I think, very biased ( Julie Bindel is notorious for her vehement ani-men stance!).I do feel sorry for Rena Salmon, but nobody put that gun in her hand.....difficult one.

marialuisa Tue 17-Feb-04 14:24:11

I read some stuff at the time suggesting that Rena Salmon was a little bit of a stranger to the truth. never really understood why she went for the mistress rather than the husband either.

Blu Tue 17-Feb-04 14:28:48

It's possible that no-one will ever know the truth, the whole truth...BUT it does seem likely that she was in some sort of unbalanced state, and may well have intended to kill herself. And I do believe that women get less leeway in the justice system than men who are excused for being provoked. Whatever the truth is, I don't think you have to be vehemently anti-men to feel terribly terribly sorry that the only parent those poor children have left in their lives is Paul Salmon.

aloha Tue 17-Feb-04 14:33:59

Agree with Blu esp on the last bit - and he says he has 'no regrets'? What a tosser.

lazyeye Tue 17-Feb-04 14:45:33

Its so strange this justice system isn't it? I don't want to start anything, I've just been thinking about it quite a bit lately as I've just finished Blake Morrisons 'As If' about the Bulger trial. The whole press/trial/retribution thing has made me think, added to the Maxine Carr thing.

Blu Tue 17-Feb-04 14:50:55

Did you see the article in either the Sat Guardian or Sun Observer supplements recently about the woman who accused the Hamiltons of rape? She was quite clearly delusional in some way, the police did not handle it as they should, and the hamiltons quite clearly made publicity capital out of it in a way that was quite unnecesary and then sued her. She got three years. Compare that to people who kill by drunk driving, some actual rapists and abusers, those who committ GBH....

donnie Tue 17-Feb-04 15:06:10

I read that interview with Nadine Milroy Sloane and it made me angry that such a delusional and unbalanced person should be encouraged by a newspaper to go over old ground.I feel sorry for her but feel even sorrier that the Guardian is making a spectacle of her....that's how I read it anyway. Of course I agree that drink drivers should get longer sentences and people who are ill should not be incarcerated. But I don't think Rena Salmon is innocent of murder.

Blu Tue 17-Feb-04 15:39:09

Donnie: Hadn't thought of that (re NMS). It did rather prolong the spectacle, didn't it?

donnie Wed 18-Feb-04 15:22:58

I do also agree that the law seems inherently sexist - the recent scandal of mothers wrongly convicted of killing their babies would support that.It would never have happened to their fathers I think. But I also think the law should be punitive in certain cases, hence my reluctance to believe that Rena Salmon is somehow a victim.I mean, why did she visit the mistress'place of work with a loaded gun if she really intended to commit suicide? it just doesn't add up. But I do feel there are many male offenders walking around just because they are men - Tony Martin for one! the so called 'hero'- he's a nasty long time criminal who shot a boy in the back at close range and did five years or thereabouts and is always announcing how he is proud of what he did.I know the boy was no angel but even so....ok rant over.I'd rather he was in prison than Nadine Milroy Sloane.

Blu Wed 18-Feb-04 15:55:04

Donnie, I could see why Rena Salmon would choose to kill herself in front of her former best friend who betrayed and taunted her, in a kind of 'now look what you've made me do' way of making her feel guilty or punishing her. And also that the woman saying 'have you come to shoot me?' would cause her to fire on the spur of the moment. But we'll probably never know. Definitely agree with you re Tony Martin.

Paula71 Wed 18-Feb-04 23:12:23

I don't think Tony Martin could be in any way linked with Rena Salmon other than their prefered form of murder weapon. While Martin killed burglars in a situation that is always going to be emotive and cause heated discussions. (Personally I do believe a person has a right to defend their property and all that is in it, just not with a gun. Criminals are usually cowards and so by firing the gun he could possibly have scared them off. Still, to put it bluntly, the boy he killed would have just kept on his criminal career. Hmmmm)

Anyway, Rena Salmon walked into that saloon with a loaded gun. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she intended to use it - I very much doubt she ever had the intention she should die.

3wiggle3 Thu 11-Feb-16 19:10:52

Hi all. Don't no if should be doing this..but don't no what to do now and not much to lose. My situation in a tiny but shell is that my sons Dad lost it with our few month old baby and baby was badly hurt( but ok now) Dad owned up but i had very bad and and fact finding judge thinksi xacaused caused injuries. Which of course i didnt. I love my baby but didnt feel like i should at the time cause pnd. Its a horrible feeling but dose not mean ur hurt ur baby. Now looks like i will lose my baby..sowill his Dad as he is under suspicion for some injuries.Only hope now is a gaurdian in the family to take baby but I no ss will want me to admit to the injuries to keep him inffamily. Don'tme wrong I'd take a bullet for my baby .but how can I admit to doing something like that when I haven't . Any advice please. Im lost. Thanks.x

3wiggle3 Thu 11-Feb-16 19:36:18

I think that post I just sent is probably not in the right catorgory OE something so may not get much response. But I'm rubbish with tech and don't no what doing. So if anyone is able to repost it in a better place for me to get seen then please do and thanks.x

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