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What on EARTH happened in Kenya :-(??

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PacificDogwood Sat 21-Sep-13 14:14:01

Save us all from fanatics sadangry.

I am quite fanatically against extremists of all colours/faiths/nationalities.

What can go on in their heads when they plan an attack like this? Are they hoping to win support? Do they truly believe that atrocious acts like this wins a place in paradise?? Really?

I despair sometimes sad.

mummylin2495 Sat 21-Sep-13 15:36:22

My nephews in laws are Kenyan I think they live about an hour from Nairobi , I have just text them to see that they and their family are ok

magimedi Sat 21-Sep-13 15:41:36

Have just had a very anxious half hour after reading this as DH's brother is in Nairobi. Just had an email from him - he's fine.

My thoughts go out to those who are affected by this.

originalpiratematerial Sat 21-Sep-13 15:43:33

Oh no, just seen this, my DB and his wife and two children are in Nairobi. What's happened?

originalpiratematerial Sat 21-Sep-13 16:02:10

Just spoken to DB on Skype, they are all ok thank goodness. He also says Al-Shabab, because of Kenya's actions in Somalia. I hope that all your friends and families are similarly ok, everyone.

Xiaoxiong Sat 21-Sep-13 16:09:43

Still haven't heard anything. And there is a shaky video on the Guardian website that appears to show a friend of my aunt's and her two kids, thankfully being evacuated in one piece but looking utterly distraught sad I really hope they weren't all shopping together with my aunt, we're getting really worried now.

magimedi Sat 21-Sep-13 16:13:34

Xiao - email from DH's bro said that things were very chaotic & difficult to get any concrete news & that phones & internet connection had been difficult at times. He's in Nairobi, about 10 miles from Westgate. Email was sent at about 3.30pm UK time.

Hope you hear something soon. flowers

PacificDogwood Sat 21-Sep-13 16:38:30

The Huffington Post talks about terrorist attacks.

Do you know, I'd been hoping that I'd posted too quickly and that my assumptions were all wrong.

Here's thinking of all of you who are waiting to hear from loved ones.

Secretswitch Sat 21-Sep-13 16:48:03

The New York Daily News is reporting this is a very serious situation. I don't want to say anymore as sometimes early accounts are often inaccurate.
My prayers are with everyone involved.

mummylin2495 Sat 21-Sep-13 16:48:48

Just heard back from nephews in law family. Father in law said " once again we are thrown into international glare " and that's it's still not over there.

Xiaoxiong Sat 21-Sep-13 17:08:24

Phew just heard from my aunt - she was actually on her way to Westgate because apparently there was a kid's fun day on at the mall sad but someone called her to tell her to turn back. She says everyone there thinks it's Al-Shabab too.

Thanks for well wishes all flowers Really really hope no more casualties.

magimedi Sat 21-Sep-13 17:12:13

So pleased to hear that, Xiao

Xiaoxiong Sat 21-Sep-13 19:19:54

Yep - Al-Shabab have just taken responsibility for the attack. Awful.

nowwhat Sat 21-Sep-13 19:40:59

I normally live in Uganda and have so many friends in Kenya, especially Nairobi... awful. Soon as I heard I said Al Shabaab, now I see they have taken responsibility.

We're due to go back to Uganda soon, makes you nervous.

PacificDogwood Sat 21-Sep-13 20:11:06

I lived and worked in Uganda 20 years ago and passed through Nairobi a few times. It was such an eye opener, my first visit to Africa, in so many ways.

Coming back to my original question: what do extremists hope to achieve with violent action like this? It won't win supporters to their cause, will it?

Growing up in Germany in a time when the Red Army Faction was active, I never understood their methods - their goals I understood, but not how they went about them.

I hope everybody is out now.

meditrina Sat 21-Sep-13 20:15:19

Unfortunately, it seems the incident is ongoing.

Are you sure it won't win supporters? Their target audience, such as they have one, is in Somalia where it might seem like a successful retaliation strike.

nowwhat Sat 21-Sep-13 20:49:58

Unfortunately there is an element of East African society, mostly Somalia but not only there, that these attacks target, and they do win supporters.

Overwhelmingly though most people are just afraid of Al-Shabaab, especially in Uganda after the world cup attacks in 2010 where so many people died. Security is very tight nowadays all over the EAC.

meditrina Sat 21-Sep-13 22:12:33

The death toll is now reported to be at least 39, with c.150 injured, and the gunmen are still holed up somewhere inside and it is believed they do have hostages.

difficultpickle Sat 21-Sep-13 22:15:52

Al-Shabaab want Kenya to pull their troops out of Somalia. Dreadful situation with unknown number of people still trapped there.

AnyaKnowIt Sat 21-Sep-13 22:50:23

can't believe its still on going sad

difficultpickle Sat 21-Sep-13 22:52:29

One report I heard is the gunmen shot into a tent that was hosting a children's cookery party and several were killed. Just horrendous.

meditrina Sat 21-Sep-13 22:57:18

I'd heard reports there was a children's event going on at the Mall today, but nothing to say that there were casualties among the participants. I really hope the report you heard bisjo isn't correct. Though given all ages could be out shopping or whatever, there may well be children amongst the dead and injured.

Wolfiefan Sat 21-Sep-13 22:58:26

Our thoughts must be with all those (and their families and friends) affected.
Xiaox good news. You must be so relieved.
What is it with people? I honestly couldn't give a monkeys what race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, nationality (or anything else I've not thought to put on this random list) someone is. We are all sons/daughters, friends, mothers/fathers, loved and loving. Just people.
Or am I stupidly naive?!

nowwhat Sat 21-Sep-13 23:19:43

I just think if people put as much effort into being good as they can put into doing evil things like this how much nicer the world would be.

difficultpickle Sat 21-Sep-13 23:22:21

CNN have reported 39 confirmed dead, 36 held hostage, 293 injured.

northernlurker Sat 21-Sep-13 23:41:13

This is horrendous. I agree OP. This has nothing to do with faith. This is about anger and power and cruelty.

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