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I am in the newspaper today :)

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Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 08:45:09

Well, I am at last famous. Today I am on page 43 of the Daily Express!

handlemecarefully Thu 12-Feb-04 08:53:52

Doing what? - is there a link or something you could post to the article? Very curious now

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 08:59:28

No link I don't think. It is an article on first loves which I did through a media request on MN. Was told it'd be in Monday's paper so thought it hadn't got in for whatever reason. But had 3 calls this morning from family to say it is. I have just got a copy and scanned it for my BIL in Oz to see!

harman Thu 12-Feb-04 09:01:59

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 09:18:32

I have scanned bit of it - pictures and our interview. Will need to try and find somewhere to post it now though. Bare with me though as I am at work and for this hour not working on my own machine.

handlemecarefully Thu 12-Feb-04 09:32:46

Will wait patient in expectant anticipation

JanHR Thu 12-Feb-04 09:39:40

What an excellent birthday present.

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 10:13:28

Email it to me if you like I can host it and then put the link up?

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 10:51:00

I will try and scan a decent version on it now Pie. School scanner not proving so good at moment. Thank you.

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 11:05:47

I have sent a version to you now Pie. Thank you.

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 11:33:46

I've emailed you back (just clicked reply - didn't think about it until after I had done it, hope it was ok to email you at that address )

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 11:51:20

Replied. Looks good!

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 11:53:33 gonna post the link then?

I'll do it!

Ta da!

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 11:59:46

Thank you. Sorry - kind of teaching at same time (only 1 pupil = sixth form who really doesn't need me here)

Twinkie Thu 12-Feb-04 11:59:54

Which one are you then??

Thomcat Thu 12-Feb-04 12:00:03

That's lovely and you looked beautiful on your wedding day (not that you don't now!), you both looked a very good looking couple. Lovely story as well

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 12:07:03

We are Richard and Claire Twinkie - the picture is us on our wedding day in Kenya, the inset is us with DD at home last week.

Thank you Thomcat

mothernature Thu 12-Feb-04 12:09:51

Hulababy - Congratulation's have a wonderful birthday - loved the story... sooo sweet..

Twinkie Thu 12-Feb-04 12:11:22

Good job that really - my one remaining boss in London just remarks that he would have made his wife brush her hair if she was gonna have to have her picture taken for a national - oooohhhh he would if he had any hair!! (But that not you!!)

You look radiant.

melsy Thu 12-Feb-04 12:16:51

How romantic , just managed to read a bit of the article from the scan. What a fab birthday and early valentines celebration !!!! You r husbadn looks very debonair. I love men in morning suit.

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 13:46:37

This is the text:

IT teacher Claire King and her husband, solicitor Richard, both 30, live in Sheffield with their daughter Mollie, aged 21 months. They have been together since they were 16.

Claire says: I had a crush on Richard ever since he joined my school in Doncasterto do A-levels. Soon he was one of our ganag and we'd chat for ages.
He officially asked me out of February 6, 1990. We'd save up money from our Saturday jobs and go out every Friday night for an Italian meal.
When the time came to choose universities, we decided that we shouldn't apply to the same one. If we did, we knew we'd end up living togwether and felt we were too young. I went to Huddersfield for computing and Richard enrolled for law at Nottingham.
There were times when I worried about what he was doing. It wasn't that I didn't trust him but I imagined girls throwing themselves at him.
I always confided my fears and it would clear the air between us. I wasn't interested in anyone but him. We'd meet most weekends and I'd count the days until I saw him.
After university, we moved in together and married in 1998. I'm really lucky to be so happy. Richard's my first and only love but I've never felt I've missed out. I was never envious of friends who had lots of boyfriends. Richard and I know everythign about each other.
We're best friends as well as lovers. We never get bored because, as we grow, so does our relationship.

Richard says: Claire was the first girl I asked out so I guess I struck lucky. I've never been tempted to cheat, even at university when everyone else was playing the field.
I've got all I need in Claire, so why go looking elsewhere?

Northerner Thu 12-Feb-04 13:49:28

Hula it is such a lovely article. Your dd is so cute, I was saying on another thread that she has so much hair than my ds considering they are exactly the same age. I noticed you got married in 1998 and so did we - another freaky coincidence?! We were married in August, don't say you were too!

fio2 Thu 12-Feb-04 13:53:48

what a sweet story claire you look lovely on your wedding day. Who are the other family - are they mumsnetters too?...just remember the advert for it on here, thats all!

Hulababy Thu 12-Feb-04 13:58:19

Too many coincidences Northerner! Very scary Yes it was in August - the 3rd. But we got married in Kenya.

DD had hardly any hair at all until her first brithday and it really growning now. We have it snipped every 6-8 weeks and it is helping it thicken out. It is going curly too.

Fio - no idea who others are. Interviewer did tell us she was talking to 2 others (one on next page). I got the impression she already had them though by time we spoke to her.

Kayleigh Thu 12-Feb-04 14:07:16

Hulababy, you look gorgeous. And your dd is adorable. Will be showing my boys tonight so they can put a face to their damsel

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