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Farmer charged with gross negligence manslaughter after bull kills a man

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janey68 Tue 06-Aug-13 10:16:38

Just seen this on the bbc news website. Can't do links on my phone, sorry

Personally I am really pleased to see this action being taken. The couple in question were experienced, sensible walkers who were following a public right of way footpath when a bull charged them, goring the man to death and critically injuring his wife. AFAIK farmers are only allowed to keep a bull in a field where there is a public right of way in very specific circumstances. This happened almost 3 years ago so I assume there has been a lengthy and thorough investigation and there must be clear evidence of gross negligence on the part of the farmer

As a keen walker myself , who always sticks to public footpaths, I am sick of the number of times I've had to take a detour because of footpaths which aren't maintained, or worse, made pretty much impassable presumably by a farmer who just doesn't want people to be able to use public footpaths. I've also had to take alternative routes around fields where there are dodgy looking bulls

I know there are responsible farmers out there (and equally I know there are some irresponsible walkers who don't respect farmland and must be a nightmare for farmers) But having said that I am glad action is being taken, because it sometimes feels as though the ignorant and irresponsible farmers can get away with intimidating people from exercising their right to walk public rights of way

edam Tue 06-Aug-13 13:08:50

link here

Sounds pretty irresponsible of the farmer to have a bull in a field with a public right of way, tbh. Shocking that the poor man was killed when he was just out for a walk and did nothing wrong.

NiceTabard Sat 10-Aug-13 23:24:29

Right decision IMO.

That poor family.

You don't put a bull in a field where walkers go. Blimmin cows can be scary enough. I assume he put it there to dissuade walkers from using that path. I imagine his actions have been quite effective.

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