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Pregnant & Elegant

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AussieSim Mon 09-Feb-04 13:43:04

I wish , but Cate Blanchett pulls it off - and 2nd time around - on the catwalks.

suzywong Mon 09-Feb-04 13:46:57

she is a rip snorter

CountessDracula Mon 09-Feb-04 13:47:59


lydialemon Mon 09-Feb-04 13:49:20

Its amazing what you accomplish with lots of money, a cook, personal trainer etc......

She does look good though!

dinosaur Mon 09-Feb-04 13:54:16

"rip snorter" suzywong? that's a new one on me!

p.s. saw the title of this thread and thought, Oh, they're talking about me

aloha Mon 09-Feb-04 14:17:18

She clearly isn't pregnant at all, just wearing one of those bumps they use in films. I refuse to believe slim arms belong on a pregnant woman.

suzywong Mon 09-Feb-04 14:21:00

Rip Snorter = Excellent in Australian

I know what you mean about the dinnerlady arms thing, Aloha, but I actually lost mine during last PG, some b*****d glued them back on within a week of having baby though.

lazyeye Mon 09-Feb-04 14:30:40

I thought it said Pregnant & Elephant. You would defo been talking about me then.

handlemecarefully Tue 10-Feb-04 08:51:57


My sentiments entirely!!!

aloha Tue 10-Feb-04 10:38:16

I have to say, I think even with a cook, personal trainer etc etc etc I would still have blown up like a balloon. Like Catherine Z-J. I think it's in your genes, or something.

fairydust Wed 11-Feb-04 15:45:01

I was still in my size 8 jeans when i had dd

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