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Fergie and her daughters spend their weekends watching DVD's for 20 hours

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emkana Mon 05-Jun-06 19:39:08

how sad is that???

LadyCodofCOdford Mon 05-Jun-06 19:41:37

thats hwy htey are fat then

donnie Mon 05-Jun-06 19:41:49

sounds like she is taking the michael IMO. She's not stupid....there is more to this apparent story than meets the eye I reckon.

myturn Mon 05-Jun-06 19:43:52

Imagine looking back on your life and realising that you spent all those years when you were young and healthy looking at a little box instead of really living. Such a shame and a waste.

Cappucino Mon 05-Jun-06 20:27:07

is everyone going to be really holier-than-thou about this? I'd give my back teeth to do that every weekend

I only had kids so I could take them to matinees. The first six years are just dead-waiting time as far as I'm concerned

anorak Mon 05-Jun-06 20:30:34

Can I have the country estates? I'd do a bit of walking.

LadyCodofCOdford Mon 05-Jun-06 20:31:07

yes we are capp you idle mare

willow2 Mon 05-Jun-06 20:33:10

LOL, Cap.

WideWebWitch Mon 05-Jun-06 20:34:11

ha ha Cappuchino, I don't see the problem either, it sounds lovely to me. I had some fantastic weekends of Chianti and whole box sets of Sex and the City a few years ago, fab.

MarsLady Mon 05-Jun-06 20:35:23

Lucky them!

If you work it out it's only about 6 or so films a weekend. I'd love to lie with my popcorn watching movies or an entire 24 series.

They get enough skiing etc so I'm sure that they get out and about. Better that than off their faces each and every weekend.

expatinscotland Mon 05-Jun-06 20:35:50

yeah, and? it's her life. the kids are out of the baby/toddler stage.

when i was a teen, i liked nothing better than hiring a load of flicks w/my sister and young cousin - who lived w/us - buying a bunch of junk food and takeaways, and holeing up watching the same film 3 or 4 times.

Norah Mon 05-Jun-06 20:56:30

God I am so envious !

I wish I'd watched more films when I had time - when dd is older I'm going to do that with her - 20 hour film-fests - fabulous !

AND - I wish I was as "fat" as them - blimey - they are so not fat !

sparklemagic Mon 05-Jun-06 21:06:49

bet there are lots of mums who wish their older teenage daughters wanted to spend that much time with them!

And some that are quite glad they don't I guess

emkana Mon 05-Jun-06 23:14:32

Yes I will stick my neck out and say that I think spending 20 hours of a weekend watching DVD's is wasting your life away.

Not if you do it once every few months or so of course, but every weekend...!?

Tortington Mon 05-Jun-06 23:29:05

i thnk its great. how lovely to spend time together just slobbing out. am sure they have so many formal engagements that a full day together is very rare.

and i say that as a republican who would line em all up against a wall anf fkin shoot em

Tortington Mon 05-Jun-06 23:29:20

and i dont think they are fat

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Mon 05-Jun-06 23:33:03

fergie looks gorgeous in that picture. always thought she was, just a bit unfortunate style-wise and overshadowed by the queen of hearts

JanH Mon 05-Jun-06 23:36:29

Who makes the shepherd's pie and roast chicken, eh? Must be so nice to have staff.

mrsbang Mon 05-Jun-06 23:39:18

I'm slightly envious I think, lol. Can't see my boys wanting to do that with me some weekend.

And DH reckons she is/was stunning in RL, whereas she takes a lousy pic most of the time.

Skribble Tue 06-Jun-06 01:04:25

Ah sounds like a great way to spend a rainy sunday afternoon, my kids love Duvet Days. We all snugle up and watch DVD's all afternoon and eventually kick someone out to make dinner, usually something fun to eat like faitias.

Great family bonding, I am sure they they will soon reach the age when this is the last thing they want to do but until then we will still have Duvet Days every now and then.

bundle Tue 06-Jun-06 01:05:55

they're not fat custy, you're right

wicked Tue 06-Jun-06 05:51:49

At least they are not out shagging

threebob Tue 06-Jun-06 07:31:11

I think she may have been misquoted - after all how many weekends are they all together?

It's not like they have to do the housework or go to the post office. She probably thought this made her sound very grounded and normal.

expatinscotland Tue 06-Jun-06 09:26:35

She's NOT fat! Nor are her daughters.

WelshBoris Tue 06-Jun-06 09:28:35

thought you were a 14 top?

so theyre the same size as you then

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