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Sickened and speechless.....................................

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goldenoldie Sat 03-Jun-06 09:19:56

I cannot believe someone would actually do this. Poor baby.

MarsLady Sat 03-Jun-06 09:21:34

there you go

edam Sat 03-Jun-06 09:25:14

Jesus, what a sick, sick pathetic excuse for a human being he must be. Throw away the key.

teabelly Sat 03-Jun-06 17:54:05

OMG who would think of such a thing - just awful poor little girl, glad she will recover tho. Agree throw away the key!

BadHair Sat 03-Jun-06 17:56:49


SenoraPostrophe Sat 03-Jun-06 17:58:37

It sounds like he's not all there tbh. I wouldn't be so quick to condemn.

KommandantColditz Sat 03-Jun-06 18:00:24

That sounds utterly bizarre.

There must be something very wrong with the way he thinks - I don't think a typically neglectful person would care whether the child was dry or not, so wouldn't think to put her in the drier.

How sad and odd.

ScummyMummy Sat 03-Jun-06 18:11:20

poor little baby. Thank goodness she will make a full recovery.
agree with senora and colditz that there must be more to it - sounds like serious mental illness might be an underlying cause of such a bizarre action.

jollymum Sat 03-Jun-06 18:40:29

Throw away the key, atleast for a long time. If he has an illness he needs help, and needs to know/learn what he has done. If he can't understand this then he has no place in normal life and needs total care/help/confinement.

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