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Two yr old boy in racist attack

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WhatJeff Wed 26-Jun-13 13:14:34

full story

Very local to me and utterly appalling. I really hoped that in such a diverse area we'd be safer from this.

Not sure why I'm posting or what the debate should be, just driven to share by my shock I guess. We need to continue to openly confront all racist behaviour, yes it's not all as extreme as this, but that guy we all moan about on the bus at the central... we should see accepting his tirades is only one step away from a more physical reaction. It's so easy to deny people think like this on YOUR doorstep (I'm guilty I guess) and believe it's an issue 'elsewhere'.

Saddened and wishing the boy well

happy2bhomely Wed 26-Jun-13 13:24:17

How awful. We're not far from there and use the station often. It is such a diverse area and I've always felt safe there.


QueenofWhispers Thu 27-Jun-13 09:41:59

I went there just last Sunday myself! It's very scary and terribly sad.

syl1985 Thu 27-Jun-13 20:49:20

I've read it on a news website.
It's terrible and how horrible the mother must have felt on the moment of the attack.
Then finding out her son broke his arm.

It's not in my area, but I also felt terrible when I read it. I really hope they get this sick person and put him in jail for a very long time.

Someone who's that sick in his mind. That would attack like that a mother who he doesn't know. I'm worried if they don't catch him quick enough he'll make more victims.

You got to be really sick to attack someone like that.

Minifingers Fri 28-Jun-13 08:52:41

One of the black mothers of a child in my dd's class was shouted at and racially abused outside the school by two black women, for having a fair skinned child. I think abuse directed at black women with white partners by other black people is more common than you realise. :-(

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