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TheLadyVanishes Tue 30-May-06 09:22:25

13mth baby spills something on herself and the carer puts her in a dryer!! (happened in Australia) poor baby was left with burns and bruising the mother had gone to the gym and left her (obviously a nutter) boyfriend to look after the child, baby will make a full recovery thankfully

FlameBoo Tue 30-May-06 09:42:42


PrincessBoris Tue 30-May-06 09:43:48

TinyGang Tue 30-May-06 09:44:07


QE Tue 30-May-06 09:45:47

Hope the baby has been taken away from these stupid fecks then??? Gotta be a sandwich short haven't they?

nutcracker Tue 30-May-06 09:46:39


dewmeadow Tue 30-May-06 09:57:49


lanismum Tue 30-May-06 10:26:04

just when you think people couldnt get any more cruel or stupid...............

CaptainDippy Tue 30-May-06 10:40:39

NO!!!!! Some **** really did that!!!!!?

blondie82 Tue 30-May-06 11:04:24

speedymama Tue 30-May-06 11:04:52

I thought this was a wind up so I searched google and found this . There are some shockingly stupid people who live in the so called civilised world. This is truly unbelievable

Kelly1978 Tue 30-May-06 11:08:58

he can't be all there, surely?!

BudaBabe Tue 30-May-06 11:12:23

Oh my God! WHAT a total physcopath. The poor child.

LadyVeniVidiVickiofVVVQVVille Tue 30-May-06 11:21:21

FeelingOld Tue 30-May-06 11:25:07

I can not believe that anyone could be so stupid!! This is unbelievable.

The poor child, glad she will be ok. I dread to think what else he could have done to her!!

hulababy Tue 30-May-06 21:38:26

He must have know that at the very least this action would terrify and hurt the baby. He sounds like a very natyman and a definite danger to children. I hope he gets a lengthy prison term where he can mull over his actions.

Pruni Tue 30-May-06 21:39:53

Message withdrawn

Alipiggie Tue 30-May-06 21:46:13

Outrageous, saw this on the BBC website this morning

2shoes Tue 30-May-06 22:06:41

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