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4 year old starved to death by his parents

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SquidgyMummy Tue 04-Jun-13 19:53:29

Horrendous Story

What i can't understand is why all the people who could have helped him: Teachers, school nurse, doctors etc could not see he was being mistreated. My 2 1/ year old weighs more than that poor child when he died.
I am just sickened by his needless death and the hand wringing "if only's" by the other adults who should have protected him

halfpint76 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:43:37

mrshaha I've been exactly the same, you're not going mad, you're just compassionate. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him, and inevitably end up sobbing. I'll never forget him and feel so futile/frustrated/angry at how this could have happened. I'm desperately clinging to the notion that there are more good people in the world than bad, doing their small bit but we should all do more. I know I could. I won't be donating unless it's to a registered charity as Timtam23 has mentioned. It's also seriously made me consider fostering as some point in the future.

CorrineFoxworth Mon 05-Aug-13 22:19:52

I wish we could do something for Daniel's astonishingly brave sibling. I would happily donate to a fund which would help secure the future of this amazing child but this would be impossible, for very important reasons.

Also, something to bear in mind is that the internet is open and forever, no matter how long this thread has run in MN days / months, and that our comments may well be read by people close to this in just a few years from now.

Paula0506 Thu 08-Aug-13 19:49:37

The Coventry Telegraph is supporting a campaign to change the law so that adults in responsible positions are legally obliged to help children who are clearly in distress - such legislation already exists in many other countries. The paper is calling it Daniel's Law - please will you click the link and sign to support it.

LaVolcan Thu 08-Aug-13 22:23:37

We have already had at least two links to this petition on this thread - but IMO it puts far too much emphasis on the school. It is not the school which murdered Daniel. We have also had people either on this thread/some of the other threads about Daniel, who work in schools; they have reported concerns about children to social services, only to be told 'doesn't meet the thresholds, case closed'.

So perhaps the petition should be to start putting money into social services/child welfare instead, rather than trying to scapegoat individuals?

BoneyBackJefferson Fri 09-Aug-13 10:17:55

Agree with LaVolcan

LadyBeagleEyes Fri 09-Aug-13 13:22:29

I've followed this story as much as I can bear, the details are too much for me.
May I just say, in defence of SWs and teachers there will always be one that sips the net.
I bed there are hundreds of kids who's lives have been saved through the hard work of so many of the authorities that care for them.
We only here the mistakes and the bad stories, the good ones don't get publicised.
I'm not a SW or a teacher or actually anybody that could have done anything in this situation.
Clearly more money has to be spent on our most vulnerable but in my heart I do believe there are many Daniel's out there who's lives were saved and hopefully are living happy lives.

fromparistoberlin Mon 12-Aug-13 08:29:07

I was also so affected by this. there are many of us. I have just had weeks holiday, and it actually was nice to be in an environment where his tragic story was not in the media. That sounds awful, but I was haunted by this for weeks and weeks. I wept when they got sentanced.

I am heartned to see that so many of us are devastated by what happended to him.

I am dead curious to know whats happended to those 2 in prison

BTW I LOVE that judge, 30 years. I really though they would get less.

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