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anyone read the SOUTH LONDON PRESS?

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moonshaddow Wed 24-May-06 10:48:44

I'm desperately seeking an advert for fire service recruitment, all the helpline can tell me is that the advert is in the south london press over the next 10 days, but there is no way to access the ad on the internet, if anyone could give me the details I would be so greatful, otherwise it will be a trip to london for me to find the thing!!

keeping my fingers crossed!!

plummymummy Thu 25-May-06 11:21:18

Their office is based in Leigham Court Road, Streatham, London. Maybe you could phone them and ask if they could send you a copy if you send money for it and an SAE? Their number should be on the internet if you google it.

plummymummy Thu 25-May-06 11:23:36

Alternatively you could send a SAE to me and I will get one and post it to you. The shop on the corner sells them so it's no bother.

batters Thu 25-May-06 18:07:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moonshaddow Thu 25-May-06 19:20:42

yes please if you could post the info on here that would be fantastic.

batters Thu 25-May-06 20:07:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moonshaddow Thu 25-May-06 20:58:41

batters you are a star! thank you lots and lots!! Thank you plummymummy too. xxx

plummymummy Thu 25-May-06 21:17:00

You're welcome and good luck

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