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Soldier beheaded in Woolwich and it took police 20 mins

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bkgirl Wed 22-May-13 19:35:04

Why am I not surprised? 20 minutes, what chance do we have with this pathetic response. As for the barracks...why couldn't someone come out with a gun and at least prevent these guys from attacking anyone else. Who was guarding the army base - do they have guns? Dreadful.

HeySoulSister Wed 22-May-13 19:38:16

oh here we go!! slag off the police!

5318008 Wed 22-May-13 19:38:29

<hides thread>

harryhausen Wed 22-May-13 19:39:33

Oh yeah. Those nasty police are disgusting.

Bowlersarm Wed 22-May-13 19:40:31

It's a terrible thing to happen, blame the people who did it.

Not the over stretched police force please.

MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel Wed 22-May-13 19:41:13

Yes its the police and the armys fault, nothing at all to do with the two people who actually committed the murder.

HeySoulSister Wed 22-May-13 19:41:37

my thoughts are with those officers (my former colleagues)....not a nice task

JakeBullet Wed 22-May-13 19:42:00

Nowt to do with the arseholes who committed th crime then?

Pagwatch Wed 22-May-13 19:42:52

Christ almighty. Can you just have some bloody respect?

WireCatWhore Wed 22-May-13 19:43:53

Really op. really.

Where did you get your "fact" from?

anothershittynickname Wed 22-May-13 19:44:05

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

crypes Wed 22-May-13 19:44:39

It's abit worrying tho because the police wernt properly prepared for the London riots two years ago , you would think they would be at the scene in no time.

Lifeisontheup Wed 22-May-13 19:46:06

Thoughts and prayers with the family of the young man and with those who witnessed it and for the emergency services who attended.

I save my disgust for the perpetrators of this horrific crime.

HeySoulSister Wed 22-May-13 19:46:42

how much time is acceptable to you crypes

jcscot Wed 22-May-13 19:46:43

Soldiers on guard are subject to Rules of Engagement that would (possibly - I don't know) prevent them from firing on civilians off-base. It's also possible that the gate was manned by MoD Plod, not soldiers or MPGS, who have different jurisdiction to civvie police. Their priority would be to ensure the safety of the base in case the incident was meant as a diversionary tactic to mask an attack on the barracks.

My thoughts are with the family of the dead soldier.

Januarymadness Wed 22-May-13 19:49:05

it did not take police that long. It took ARMED police that long. what do you expect an armed copper 2 mins up the road at all times......

scaevola Wed 22-May-13 19:50:19

The attack was on the road, near but not immediately adjacent to the barracks. Who was on guard there is wholly unrelated to this incident.

I am sure all actions by the police will be scrutinised, as they always are when they open fire.

pooka Wed 22-May-13 19:51:55


Rein it in, you sound ridiculous.

The police response had to be armed - the attackers were clearly waiting for them to arrive in order that they could attack the police. Do you reckon that the pcs from around the corner with a truncheon or pepper spray soiled have taken on armed men, with gun and machete?

Gods sake. angry

Januarymadness Wed 22-May-13 19:52:05

I would really like a like button for anothershittynicknames post.

This is closer to home than you would ever believe and I still say Fuck off. And please don't drum up any kind of hate (apart from those who actually did it) because someone has already died. Whipping up a frenzy will put a higher tally on your concience.

NiceTabard Wed 22-May-13 19:52:15

That is just a really stupid post, OP.

crypes Wed 22-May-13 19:54:17

I just said ' no time'.

pooka Wed 22-May-13 19:55:45

Your post doesn't make sense - "prevent these guys from attacking anyone else". They didn't attack anyone else. They were waiting for police to approach themin order that they could attack them. Having used the whole thing as a propaganda exercise.

You're expecting soldiers to leave base, i nvestigate and shoot the attackers who at that stage weren't attacking any more? That's a military execution. Would escalate and also raise a shitstorm of questions and publicity against the army, taking the focus away from the hideous actions to these two attackers.

EmmaDale Wed 22-May-13 20:01:03

'why couldn't someone come out with a gun and at least prevent these guys from attacking anyone else'


Why on earth post? What you've written doesn't make any sense. You sound like a total idiot and above all, your drivel isn't needed at this time.
Just fucking leave it.

(and yes, i did mean to be so rude)

clam Wed 22-May-13 20:01:55

"come out with a gun?"
Yeah, right, coz it's that simple.
Ridiculous thread!

jamtoast12 Wed 22-May-13 20:02:02

I've read lots of news sites just now... Where does it mention he was beheaded as it doesn't say it anywhere?

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