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Fitness for work test challenged

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Dawndonna Wed 22-May-13 15:09:59

and found to be unfair
Guardian link.

ParsingFancy Wed 22-May-13 15:32:08

Yes, and it's not just about the ill person collecting specialists' reports.

DWP/ATOS are supposed to send a form to the GP for a standard report, as part of the normal conduct of an assessment.

It is part of the GP contract that they provide these reports to the DWP/ATOS, and they're paid for it.

But DWP/ATOS don't seem to be doing this any more. The last two assessments I had, they hadn't bothered contacting my GP for a report. And from threads on here, when the ill person attempts to get a report off their own back, GPs are charging up to £70 or refusing completely: they have no obligation to provide to the individual.

No one seems to have understood this story.

There's a BBC story about it here, but it doesn't spell out that the ball is being dropped by DWP/ATOS right at the beginning.

(Scottish GPs complaining that they're being asked for hundreds of reports by people appealing - reports requested by patients so not paid for under the GP contract - rather than being asked by DWP/ATOS for reports to get the basic assessment right in the first place.)

Dawndonna Wed 22-May-13 19:48:15

Yes, they forgot to ask our GP for a report when we went to appeal on dh's DLA. We took it with us.

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