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jadenallenie Fri 17-May-13 04:55:52

Here’s a brief excerpt from the submission for the award:
In the spring of 2011, [Kinder Morgan] attended an American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional safety meeting at which Eric Rowland of Rowland Safety and Supply demonstrated the effectiveness of gloves used in various applications to prevent serious injury. During that presentation, Eric spoke of his company’s work with recycling gloves and other materials that were oil soaked. The application for gloves was impressive because ‘Mechanix Gloves’ are expensive and most workers think the only recourse when they become oil soaked is to discard them. Eric’s company refurbishes those types of gloves and sanitizes them as well. As Eric spoke of the environmental advantages to doing this, as well as reclaiming and recycling the oil, [Kinder Morgan] was intrigued and wondered why [they] had never heard of a company that was this diligent in recycling used oil.
There were two reasons that [Kinder Morgan] invited Eric to speak to our Central Division leadership team. The first was to demonstrate the proper selection and use of gloves to prevent employee injury. The second was to discuss the possibility of reclaiming the used oil that our compressor stations produced due to leaks in our engines. After his presentation, the Central Division leadership team decided to begin a pilot project to see if reclaiming and recycling the used oil would be a prudent approach.

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