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People warned of this in 1989

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Dawndonna Thu 02-May-13 15:38:55

Homelessness threat
When Waldegrave wrote the housing act, one of the things many councils objected to was a huge drop between the gap in rent failure to eviction. That particular housing act was written in 1989.

scaevola Thu 02-May-13 15:44:48

Genesis appear to have sent a letter threatening repossession before there has been any missed payments at all.

That's sod all to do with any housing act. It's heartless incompetence from this social housing organisation.

Dawndonna Thu 02-May-13 15:55:42

There is that to it. But it worries me that these associations can act more quickly than they used to be able to.

edam Thu 02-May-13 23:16:36

Thought this extract was damming: "A spokesperson for Genesis at first denied that letters had been sent out. When confronted with the text of the letter, the social landlord, which manages about 30,000 homes across London and south-east England, said there had been a "cack-handed attempt" to explain the situation in Haringey to "some clients". "That letter should not have been written that way. We are working with tenants in Haringey to help them out of arrears."

So a 'social landlord' threatens to boot people out before they've even missed any payments, and only backtracks when a journalist refuses to believe their untruthful denials?

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