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A newborn baby is being filmed for the next three years to understand how he learns to talk.

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Melpomene Thu 18-May-06 14:05:51

story here

nailpolish Thu 18-May-06 14:13:26

the University of Obvious Research


the University of Pointless Research

as my dh would say

nailpolish Thu 18-May-06 14:14:43

well maybe not pointless but certainly obvious

HappyMumof2 Thu 18-May-06 14:20:54

Message withdrawn

acnebride Thu 18-May-06 14:33:07

what do we already know?

Good concept, but poor experiment because only 1 baby.

fennel Thu 18-May-06 14:39:16

A huge amount of research on infant language development has been done by academics on their own first child. They're probably the most overresearched (and uninteresting) group you could think of.

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