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The Huton Report

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JanHR Wed 28-Jan-04 14:14:06

I know that this is important, but do we need to see the PM talking about it n House of Commons LIVE on BBC1, ITV1 and Channel 4

zebra Wed 28-Jan-04 14:27:01

And live on Radio 5.
Well, at least when you hear Hutton live himself, and now hear the PM & Howard comments, you know what they really did say, and don't really on the trashy tabloid media to spin it wildly.

noddy5 Wed 28-Jan-04 14:29:37

I know cancelling neighbours is outrageous!

kiwisbird Wed 28-Jan-04 14:31:29

esp annoying while waiting for the weather report on any of teh TV cable news channels
I mean we all could read about it in the Sun if e wanted...

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