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Toddler survives 5 days next to mum in car crash

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AussieSim Tue 27-Jan-04 20:35:20

A 3 year old, sad and amazing .

spacemonkey Tue 27-Jan-04 20:36:35

that's sooo sad

suedonim Tue 27-Jan-04 20:41:50

How awful and how sad that no one noticed they were missing from home.

Angeliz Tue 27-Jan-04 20:49:01

oh that's really sad poor little mite!

marthamoo Tue 27-Jan-04 20:51:54

Poor little girl

handlemecarefully Wed 28-Jan-04 09:39:33

Poor little babe - its must have been very traumatising.

Hulababy Wed 28-Jan-04 09:48:51

How sad; that poor little girl.

FairyMum Wed 28-Jan-04 09:53:14

Poor little girl

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