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Rolf Harris was the man arrested as part of the inquiry into historical allegations of sexual offences.

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StealthOfficialCrispTester Fri 19-Apr-13 09:04:38

story here

dotnet Mon 22-Apr-13 06:36:40

Well, edam, Wilfred D'eath has been released without charge and the police collared him and he was under investigation for quite a while. He worked with Jimmy Savile as a producer I think. Apparently, as with Wilfred D'eath, in Rolf Harris's case, one allegation was made by one individual. In W D's case it was decided there were no proper grounds to prosecute. I hope the same will happen with Rolf.

edam Sun 21-Apr-13 11:57:47

I was so disappointed to hear this. Not Rolf surely...? Seems like every male entertainer from the 70s is being rounded up.

Clearly if he has done something terribly wrong I hope he does face justice, but I really hope this is a mistake.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Sun 21-Apr-13 11:09:19

I am confused by a lot of these posts but not going any further as I don't want to speculate. but I wasn't aware of Rolf being anything less than golden boy at any point in his career. I always thought he was loved. That said I can't see someone like him having 'groupies' in the traditional way either.
All in all, whatever the outcome, this whole thing is desperately sad and awful

SoupDragon Sun 21-Apr-13 10:34:02

It doesn't need to be "under age" at all though.

FarelyKnuts Sun 21-Apr-13 10:32:32

"slightly under age groupies" being lesser victims then 500internalserver?

Whether or not he has done anything will be decided in a court of law but your post is using victim blaming language and rape myths. Perhaps you need to have a look at the Mumsnet We Believe You campaign information about Rape Myths?

500internalerror Sun 21-Apr-13 10:21:24

Under age

500internalerror Sun 21-Apr-13 10:20:50

Well, had long periods away from home & his family - remember him crying in an interview, saying he regretted that? I'd say that was prob the time anything occurred, if it did so. I think he really wasn't a golden boy at that point! Having said that, I totally agree with whoever said that he won't be in the same league as js. If anything, it'll either be slightly infer age groupies yes - or just turning a blind eye to others? hmm

SoupDragon Sun 21-Apr-13 10:13:55

It does seem that in these sorts of cases it is guilty until proven innocent.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Sun 21-Apr-13 10:03:10

minko, yes I agree, it's annoying that people are deciding one way or another instead of waiing for the facts to come out. But you have done the same!

Feenie Sat 20-Apr-13 21:29:01

I thought from a previous thread the allegations weren't related to children.

Radio 5 were very cagey about this and said they couldn't comment - the woman was a teenager at the time, apparently - but they said on Friday morning they wouldn't confirm whether it related to a child or an adult 'at this time'. confused

minko Sat 20-Apr-13 20:59:43

I love Rolf and refuse to believe this.

That aside - I hate that though he has yet to be found guilty of ANYTHING, this thread has decided he's a 'dirty slimeball' and a 'paedophile'! It could all turn out to be nothing! And the poor man has been vilified at the end of a long and golden career. The shame will probably kill him...

Sunnywithshowers Sat 20-Apr-13 16:23:43

Well, I don't believe he's guilty of anything really bad - not Rolfie, no, no.

I'm not saying anything about Rolf's guilt or not because of course I don't know. But it's not possible to tell whether someone is a sexual abuser just by looking. Unfortunately.

dotnet Sat 20-Apr-13 16:00:34

Well, I don't believe he's guilty of anything really bad - not Rolfie, no, no. It might be possible that a groupie-type made herself available in the '60s or '70s, and Rolf took advantage, not knowing she was under 16. OR - this Yew Tree thing might bring a few people out of the woodwork who want to chance their arm with a spot of blackmail.
But ROLF HARRIS? I believe and really hope the allegations (whatever they are) aren't true. Because I believe he'll not be found to be guilty of anything other than being a nice and funny and decent and cheerful chap, I just hope he can cope with all the stress of the investigation, at his age. Must be awful. Poor old Rolf.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Fri 19-Apr-13 19:13:52

I'm not sure what point you're making mermaid. Has anyone said that this necessarily relates to children?

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Fri 19-Apr-13 17:44:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runningforme Fri 19-Apr-13 15:06:16

I used to love watching Rolf Harris as a kid....especially Rolf's cartoon club sad

Thewhingingdefective Fri 19-Apr-13 13:13:13

Sorry, I worded that badly. I don't think the accusation is wrong.

Thewhingingdefective Fri 19-Apr-13 13:07:57

No, Mermaid.

I'm not defending him, but I think the accusation of an inappropriate relationship with a girl below the age of consent is wrong, but not necessarily paedophilia or in the same league as Savile.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Fri 19-Apr-13 12:50:47

No just in relation to yewtree

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Fri 19-Apr-13 12:47:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShanksYoni Fri 19-Apr-13 12:44:12

It's just so sad.

All of these childhood figures who were a massive part of our lives - suddenly it's changed everything. I'm not really one to go along with the whole "celebrity" thing, but this has really got to me.

All I can think of is watching him on Animal Hospital and crying along with him.

JoshNCaitlinsMummy Fri 19-Apr-13 12:38:46

With song titles such as "Two Little Boys" and "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" I can see a lot of sillyness with be flying about the internet now, but it is still sad that once again, a trusted performer (don't like the word 'celebrity', I don't celebrate them) turns out to be a dirty slimeball.

StealthOfficialCrispTester Fri 19-Apr-13 11:16:24

Yes I think you're right there.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Apr-13 11:09:45

I thought from a previous thread the allegations weren't related to children.

MurderOfGoths Fri 19-Apr-13 10:56:59

It really is, guess if he does turn out to be guilty it will really ram home the message that appearances can be deceptive

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