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Working Mothers more healthy

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threebob Mon 15-May-06 02:34:03

working mums healthier

compo Mon 15-May-06 06:37:11

not very surprising really! All the running around is obviously better than the temptation to turn into a couch potato and finish off the kid's meals in the day Although the mums who manage to get to the gym everyday might disagree...

throckenholt Mon 15-May-06 08:39:20

just read the bbc page about it - grrr.

It is not about being more "healthy" - it seems only to deal with being overweight - more "homemakers" are overweight than working mothers. And by implication if someone is not overweight they must be healthy.

Also they "regularly measured their height and weight" - were they expecting them to shrink FGS ?

brimfull Mon 15-May-06 08:41:09

sahm mum here,just about to sweat it out at the gym for an hour and a half...harumph!

suzywong Mon 15-May-06 08:43:26

sahm here just done 45 minutes of exercise to dvd while ds2 napped

So Thhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppptwwwwwwwwwwwwwttttttt

alligator Mon 15-May-06 08:49:58

Have to say I get more exercise while working cos I cycle to work. But I aint very healthy atm have got a horrible cold and am feeling very miserable so am on here rather than working.

Enid Mon 15-May-06 08:53:16

I care more about my appearance when I am working than when I am a SAHM

Uwila Mon 15-May-06 10:41:19

I thought the title of the article was 1- designed to stir things up in the WOHM vs SAHM debate and 2- didn't really summarise the content of the article very well. I actually thought the article di more to demonstrate the importance of achieving all three life expreiences: Marriage (or partner), motherhood, and fulfilling career. It seemed to me that woman who achieved all three were healthiest.

However, I would definately lose weight if I was a SAHM. My height wouldn't change.

NotAnOtter Mon 15-May-06 10:42:58

was going to say something contentious but thought better of it

shellybelly Mon 15-May-06 10:47:31

another sahm here, but the running after dd all the time keeps me fit

Bink Mon 15-May-06 10:47:36

There was a funny logic gap where they said "the findings showed good health was the result, not the cause, of adopting multiple roles during the women's lives" (I've added the italics.)

How does it show that? Seems to me that the findings could equally be taken to show the opposite: that people who choose to take on multiple roles because they are naturally energetic, or have a higher adrenaline addiction level, let's say - purely because of that personality trait, run around more and eat less.

expatinscotland Mon 15-May-06 10:49:20

bullshit, is all i can say.

Uwila Mon 15-May-06 10:50:34

Oh, come on Expat, you can say more than that.... and I dare say you will.

shellybelly Mon 15-May-06 10:51:03

lol expat

expatinscotland Mon 15-May-06 10:52:00

yet another government ploy to get both parents working full-time to line Gordon's pockets.

there. i said more.

beatie Mon 15-May-06 10:53:30

I agree with EIS and Uwila. BS and misrepresentation of the findings.

Uwila Mon 15-May-06 10:54:25

Is that really it? Or do you have more to say?

Actually, I think it's more sloppy jornalism than Gordon's doing. But, then again, I'm always happy to join in on Gordon Brown bashing.

shellybelly Mon 15-May-06 10:55:53

well i'm not going to fall for it ain't going back to work for a good while

expatinscotland Mon 15-May-06 11:01:53

Down w/Brown! I agree, Uwila .

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot sloppy journalism going around these days?

I mean, look at that column in the Times yesterday, about autism being the latest way to label an ill-behaved child.

Then there're those two, lovely PARP articles cod dug up.

FFS, I'm in the wrong business. I should just start spewing a bunch of verbal diarrhea - I already do - and get paid for it.

Uwila Mon 15-May-06 11:07:16

Slow news I suppose. They have to write about something. It is getting old though. I'd rather debate something like the usefulness of my taxes funding Red Ken to shmooz with Chavez and Bianca Jagger today. He's another one we should get out of office before his congestion charges and Chavez' impact on the oil industry send us into recession.

iota Mon 15-May-06 11:08:21

of course us SAHMs are fat and lazy and have huge backsides from too many coffee mornings and lunches out

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 11:08:53

Well I am married, work and have a child (and a dog) and I am a right lard-arse

iota Mon 15-May-06 11:09:54

CD well that's becaue of too many lattes at work and business lunches

Uwila Mon 15-May-06 11:15:06

Do you think being a pet owner puts a negative factor into the equation?

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 11:25:14

No as I spend a lot of time dog walking, so should make me fitter

I think I am so fat because i scoffed half of the Anzac biscuit mixture yesterday I was telling sophable earlier how inexplicable it was that i seem to be putting on weight when I have been so good, but have just remembered that

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