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Does this make Gwyneth a hypocrite?

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emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:21:24

All vegan and hippy-dippy on the one hand,
but on the other hand employing a maternity nurse who advocates leaving a less than six-week-old baby to cry for 20 minutes...


shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 20:32:14

does this maternity nurse have children of her own (didn't read the whole article sorry) to me its disgusting leaving a baby that age to cry

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:32:32

Is nobody going to comment on this?
Ey? Ey?

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:33:41

sorry posts crossed
Apparently she does have three children, grown-up.

SecondhandRose Sun 14-May-06 20:34:10

We're only jealous, God how wonderful a maternity nurse would have been. I could have sat in bed all day watching Tricia and Fern and Philip (although is was R & J then!).

shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 20:34:14

wonder if she left them to cry it out! probably not

shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 20:35:29

if i had heaps of money i still wouldn't have a maternity nurse, still able to play with dd and listen to fern and philip in the background, could do the odd bit of babysitting tho

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:36:54

Sorry if I sound totally like a sanctimonious so-and-so now, but I would have hated a maternity nurse. Was feeling far too possessive about my precious babies! Wanted to hold them all the time!
I would have loved some kind of African-style looking after mother thing though, where I wouldn't have had to do any housework etc.

morningpaper Sun 14-May-06 20:38:18

I hate this kind of stuff, it's just horrid:

"Allowing a baby to cry, in her view, is not going to lead to long-term psychological damage. She believes babies should be allowed to 'shout it out', as she puts it, and left to cry for between 10 and 20 minutes, so that they learn how to get themselves off to sleep. 'Many parents think that you need to rock them off to sleep in your arms, and then lie them down, but actually I lay the baby down in the cot, having swaddled them first, so they feel very safe and secure. If he can't settle, go in but don't turn on the light, stroke his tummy and talk to him gently, but then leave. If he still carries on for another 15 minutes, repeat the process.'"

SecondhandRose Sun 14-May-06 20:38:48

Well, how about you sit in bed with the baby and the maternity nurse brings everything you need so you can watch Fern and Philip, whilst you and baby sleep she then sets to work on housework and goes to the supermarket too. Perfic.

SoupDragon Sun 14-May-06 20:39:49

"The 58-year-old maternity nurse is a strong believer in breast-feeding, although she says that babies should also be given a bottle from the beginning so that someone else can do the feed during the night"

Um, I may be no expert on bf-ing but isn't this going to bollox up your supply??

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:40:26

Sounds absolutely bl*dy fantastic, SR!

I don't get this at all, morningpaper - "swaddled so baby feels safe and secure"
- how does she know the baby feels safe and secure? By the fact that the poor little thing is crying his eyes and lungs out?

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:41:07

I thought that, soupdragon.
Goes against all the advice I've read about b/feeding.

morningpaper Sun 14-May-06 20:41:43



expatinscotland Sun 14-May-06 20:44:12

she always struck me as the hypocrite type, anyhow. after the nurse leaves, she's got a day and night nanny, too.

she's been photographed out w/Apple's nanny in tow many times.

alexsmum Sun 14-May-06 20:45:43

it's gina ford lite.
exactly that same old fashioned 'this is what is best for baby' attitude.

all this 'leaving baby to shout it out' crap

don't they realise that crying is a baby's only way of communicating? how would they like it if they couldn't do things for themselves and when they tried to tell their carer that they were hungry/lonely/tired etc that carer constantly ignored them to teach them that they can't always have what they want?
i find this kind of thing despicable.

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:45:45

Yes, and this after slagging off her actress colleagues for never being there for their babies...

FrannyandZooey Sun 14-May-06 20:45:49

It all sounds terribly terribly familiar though, doesn't it?

shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 20:46:20

secondhandrose thats sounds good, but i would be calling her a maid not a maternity nurse infact isn't that what the dads are supposed to do

expatinscotland Sun 14-May-06 20:56:10

Yeah, Em, supposedly she wasn't going to work after Apple was born.

Guess the money was worth it . . .

[rolls eyes]

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:56:43

To be fair to dh he did wait on me hand and foot after dd1 was born.
Less so after dd2.

emkana Sun 14-May-06 20:58:41

The thing is celebrities can do what the f* they want really, but when they go and preach away in the papers it gets really irritating.

Just keep your mouth shut so you don't show yourself up as a hypocrite/liar...

Frizbe Sun 14-May-06 20:58:46

emanka/soupy it doesn't bugger up your supply if you pump whilst your partner feeds Having read the article this lady sounds like she's picking up where the Baby Whisperer left off (May she RIP)

expatinscotland Sun 14-May-06 21:00:51

'healthy discipline' for the one-month old. Yeah.

Good God, I'm starting to go all lentil-weavy here! You ladies turned me into a breast-feeder who uses cloth nappies and makes nearly all meals from scratch!

shellybelly Sun 14-May-06 21:01:38

dh was the same, couldn't and still can't do enough, imagine it will have worn off when number 2 comes

I suppose you can't believe everything you read in the press but what is the point of having a child if you hire all and sundry to care for it whilst you hotfoot off making movies, babies aren't trophies or performing seals <<<hides under the desk coz she spent all day shouting dance dance to dd when listening to music>>>

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