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What on earth happened here? Man falls from plane

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AssamAndDarjeeling Thu 11-Apr-13 22:59:21

been link

This is quite upsetting. Poor man.

Would he just have been holding on to the outside of the plane? How could someone do that? And how did he stay on all the way over here if he died early on, what with the enormous speed a plane travels at?!

How did he get past airport security?

Poor, poor man.

2tired2bewitty Thu 11-Apr-13 23:02:10

He was probably in the undercarriage with the wheels and probably froze to death then fell out when the wheels came down for landing.

God knows how desperate you must be to think it's worth trying sad

D0GWithAYoni Thu 11-Apr-13 23:02:14

Oh my that's so bizarre and sad

mumblechum1 Thu 11-Apr-13 23:02:31

There was a spate of these a few years ago. People were running onto the tarmac (in 3rd world countries so security not so good), up the wheels into the bay where the undercarriage is stored.

It's so cold that they froze to death iirc.

YoniOko Thu 11-Apr-13 23:33:33

It happens quite often
Most of them die sadly but a few do survive.

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