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MP lives on £18 a week

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TapselteerieO Fri 05-Apr-13 14:32:10

Helen Goodman, wanted to see what it was like for her constituents and lived on £18 a week for food.

Good to see there is at least one MP that wants to understand how the vulnerable in society are living. I wonder how much expenses the Westminster MP's get to spend on food a week?

dotnet Fri 05-Apr-13 17:28:51

Good for her. I remember when MP Matthew Parris lived on the dole for a while, and found he couldn't make ends meet. He was too nice to be a conservative MP really; he rescued a child's dog from the Thames once as well; it's all in his autobiography.
I've liked Matthew Parris ever since I saw his 'living on the dole' documentary, and that Michael Portillo, there's another one - Tory, but irritatingly NICE and decent as a person.
It didn't oughter be allowed, really. Only confuses people.

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