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Sedating children on flights

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shufflehopstep Wed 03-Apr-13 15:09:37

Has anyone else read this? Surely this is a terrible thing to do. I have to confess to being the extreme the other way as DS (10mo) has only ever had Calpol twice in her life and the only other medication she's ever had was in ICU when she was born and her routine jabs. That said, surely most people wouldn't advocate drugging their own children.

I went to Thailand in January with DS who was nearly 8 months old. Two flights there, two back. She cried a fair amount during the first flight but was fine for all of the rest. DH and I took it in turns to hold her and walk around the plane with her so that we weren't always by the same people. There were also plenty of other children of various ages who were awake and although some cried for parts of the journey, there was no problem. I found it interesting that it was a trend particularly prevalent in the US where people seem much more keen to medicate (which I suppose is to do with how their doctors are incentivised by pharmaceutical companies).

Does anyone else routinely medicate their children to get them to sleep through journeys or anything else for that matter?

EmmelineGoulden Wed 03-Apr-13 17:15:59

I haven't done it. Not sure if I would.

I don't really think it's immoral or unethical on an occasional basis if they aren't at risk of overdose or similar. I'd take something for myself if I thought it would help me sleep through a night flight, and I don't think there's any benefit to a child being distressed but awake on a flight. But I'd prefer other methods first.

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