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toddler sick in scotland with E coli bug

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shellybelly Wed 10-May-06 18:20:53

can't believe this, apparently this is the fourth child that is ill, kidney failure is what i read. The nursery where the children attended has been shut down whilst health inspectors go in, it was critised in reports in january (a number of things but one was that staff did not change cloves after changing nappies) this really angers me as parents think they are leaving there children in capable hands!!! (no offence to all those fantastic nurseries out there btw) I pray those children get better soon

shellybelly Wed 10-May-06 18:21:20

sorry that should read gloves!

hulababy Wed 10-May-06 18:22:44

It sounds horrid doesn't it. Really hope these toddlers pull through

Story on BBC

FairyMum Thu 11-May-06 06:49:56

Very scary. I am seriously wondering about turning veggie. Not just because of Ecoli, but there are so many scares with meat these days. By the way, doesn't ecoli outbreak always seem to happen in Scotland ?

Kidstrack Thu 11-May-06 07:34:27

Seems the nursery the little ones attended is at fault, a quick view of the nursery said the toilet/kitchen area were not clean

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 11-May-06 10:31:19

For some reason Scotland has one of the highest rates of E coli 0157 infection in the world. The number of annual cases has been running at around 250 a year--a rate of four cases per 100 000 population. In England and Wales the rate is one case per 100 000.

Hugh Pennington, professor of medical microbiology at the University of Aberdeen, whose laboratory analyses samples from all the suspected cases in Scotland, said that no convincing explanation has been put forward to indicate why the rate in Scotland should be so high. He speculated that it may just be a matter of bad luck. Cattle are the principal source of the organism, and cattle in Scotland may have contracted it earlier than cattle in other countries.

expatinscotland Thu 11-May-06 10:42:18

Not washing hands properly after using the toilet is another BIG source of infection, as is sending children to school or nursery when they have diarrhea.

I really, really hope those poor wee ones pull through with no lasting effects.

Those parents must be going through hell right now.

sweetmonkey Thu 11-May-06 10:44:46

the careshare nurseries are actually a separate company of just learning (they are run by same people though i think)

just learning had the one a couple of weeks ago where the child choked.

i think they runthe 2 companies though so they cant be linked. its a shame they cant be named and shamed to stop more innocent children being hurt/dying

expatinscotland Thu 11-May-06 14:50:15

this same company also does business as 'acorn' nurseries. there have been a number of complaints about them, many of them upheld.

i had no idea how serious the long-term consequences of e. coli infection were until reading in the Edinburgh Evening News of a now 14-year-old child who had e.coli w/kidney failure as a complication when he was 2.

he recently underwent a kidney transplant.

my heart just breaks for these parents and children.

MrsSpoon Fri 12-May-06 16:17:30

This nursery is local to me and I feel very, very for the parents and children. Heard on the news this morning that in addition to the four children in the Sick Kids there is one being treated at a local hospital and seven other children and one adult under observation.

Whilst taking DS2 to the local creche today we were asked if he attended the Careshare Nursery as children who attend are not allowed to be admitted to the creche at the moment. Obviously a concern has now been planted in my mind that the children who attend the Careshare Nursery have been out and about locally attending the creche and possibly other nurseries, even local parks etc mixing with other children and the possibility that this could spread throughout the community is horrifying.

nailpolish Fri 12-May-06 16:18:36

dd's playgroup is having a panic attack and sending home children who have had sickness and diahorrea in the past 2 weeks

MrsSpoon Sun 14-May-06 15:05:20

New E-coli outbreak in Aberdeenshire .

DH speaking to someone on Fri whose DD goes to Careshare Nursery and they are out of their minds with worry.

MrsSpoon Tue 16-May-06 15:52:30

Another child ill who attends at a Council run pre-school nursery and Careshare nursery.

I am terrified to ask DS2's nursery if they have closed their doors to all children who also go to Careshare nursery.

Although on a postive note one of the children has now been allowed home from the Sick Kids Hospital.

MrsSpoon Tue 16-May-06 15:54:05

Actually there are two children at this new nursery.

Marina Tue 16-May-06 16:06:48

Pamina's dd2 had this complication of e-coli last year. She was only two at the time and it was nasty
It is called Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) and it can come on frighteningly fast. Some children end up on temporary dialysis
But she did make a full recovery and so did the much sicker little girl who was on the ward with her too.
Hoping for the same outcome for all the toddlers currently affected.

MrsSpoon Tue 16-May-06 16:31:09

Marina, that is both and reassuring at the same time, so glad Pamina's DD and the other girl made full recoveries. I hope this can be stopped from spreading any further and those who are affected make a full recovery.

Pamina3 Tue 16-May-06 18:05:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Wed 17-May-06 10:54:04

Every single time I hear of a new case of HUS (wonder why they don't make it clearer that this is a separate complication of e-coli poisoning and warn explicitly about the risks and symptoms?) I think of you and the Swiper, Pamina, and everything you went through as a family that month
Good that they are so thorough. Dh had a less severe problem with his kidneys after salmonella and he was annually monitored for ten years too.

expatinscotland Wed 17-May-06 10:57:42

The BIG scientific question, however, is why Scotland has the highest rate of virulent E. Coli infection in Europe.

Here's hoping all of these children recover fully and speedily.

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