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RAF search & rescue to be taken over by private company

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doyouwantfrieswiththat Wed 27-Mar-13 12:11:18

From what I hear the RNLI are generously funded and enjoy their autonomy from government, (and have had a couple of hundred years to get to the place they are).

Since they work with search and rescue too I wonder whether they were part of the consultation process in this decision.

Saltire Wed 27-Mar-13 11:46:42

Well I think that in 20 years time every aspect of military jobs - frontline troops, medics,police,air traffic controllers will be farmed out to Babcocks private companies.

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 27-Mar-13 11:24:05

Not suggesting anything, just pointing out that we are quite happy to place the lives of sailors in the hands of (albeit excellent) volunteers who have to go cap in hand to get a new lifeboat... and that a private company with paid staff a balance sheet and the ability to invest in the latest equipment doesn't sound all that crazy to me.

AuntieStella Wed 27-Mar-13 10:05:27

I saw something about this on the news yesterday, which said part of the reasoning was that the Sea King fleet is coming to the end of its serviceable life, it would be massively expensive to replace it, and MoD wants a different profile helo fleet for military purposes anyhow.

Does anyone know more about that aspect?

doyouwantfrieswiththat Wed 27-Mar-13 09:49:27

The RNLI sprung to mind when I first read the article, are you suggesting they should be run by a private company too?

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 27-Mar-13 05:13:44

If the company can price the job so that it generates a profit, costs less than the RAF but maintains or increases the quality of the service, then why not? Another important sea rescue service, the RNLI, relies on charitable donations and volunteers in order to operate. Perhaps the finances for that should be put on a more reliable footing?

doyouwantfrieswiththat Tue 26-Mar-13 23:37:19

Aren't private companies expected to make some sort of profit?

boschy Tue 26-Mar-13 23:35:15

Presumably there is a cost-saving? but I think a very shortsighted decision, in terms of the training/flying hours of our RAF and Navy pilots.

On the other hand, they are going to be based in Manston, Kent, which will be good for the local economy and may increase the anti-Lydd airport pressure. Something only those local-ish to Lydd might be interested in!!

BurningBridges Tue 26-Mar-13 23:00:51

I know. Scary. Truly scary.

doyouwantfrieswiththat Tue 26-Mar-13 22:32:42


any comments

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