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Should childhood vaccinations be compulsory?

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Jac1978 Thu 21-Mar-13 09:17:58

64 new measles cases have been reported in the Swansea area in the last week, taking the outbreak to 316 with 42 hospitalised. In total, 111 secondary and primary schools and nurseries have now been affected.

Public Health Wales says it is only a matter of time before a child is left with serious and permanent complications or even dies.

Should childhood vaccinations be made compulsory to wipe out these dreadful diseases? What is more important - a parent's right to choose what is done to their child or a child's right to protection against deadly diseases?

Pagwatch Thu 04-Apr-13 12:17:11

What door?

Vaccinations are voluntary. It's because consecutive governments have recognised that force is seldomn a good idea.

If you don't like it.....

sarahtigh Sat 06-Apr-13 19:50:01

practically all compulsory medical procedures in past have ended badly either medically or morally, some they knew were wrong at time other times they thought it might be right but turned out not to be

compulsory sterilisation /abortion still happen in some parts of the world ot is considered a human rights issue, while I have DD vaccinated and hate the pseudo science that is mistakenly called research I am totally against compulsory vaccination or other types

the vast majority of evidence shows water fluoridation is hugely beneficial but I would also be against it being compulsory though as a dentist I deal daily with problems that simply would not occur if fluoridation was common practice

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