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"Housewife is fat, dead bird"

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elena2 Thu 22-Jan-04 12:03:32

Check this

Beccarollover Thu 22-Jan-04 12:04:50

errrrr where is all the "cheap and widely available childcare?"

codswallop Thu 22-Jan-04 12:07:51

do you lot post on htis site?

JJ Thu 22-Jan-04 12:07:55


Northerner Thu 22-Jan-04 12:08:08

Dr Womb?!

Me thinks this is a windup!

mothernature Thu 22-Jan-04 12:09:09

Love the Dr's name!

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 12:11:35

I love this bit:

Going to school, however, is thought to be not harmful at all. The report gives five as the precise age at which a child suddenly becomes able to leave its mother, although in areas where reception intake is at four, the number '5' is crossed out and '4' written in instead.

Defo a joke. Good though!

elena2 Thu 22-Jan-04 12:13:32

It wasn't until I read this bit that I realised it was a p*ss-take...

"most women do not need to work outside the home, and only do it to 'buy trivial luxuries, such as salad.' Nurseries and nannies, it says, are extremely damaging to children, causing them to fail their exams and become shoplifters in later life"

I had to giggle thinking of all the SAHM's (of which I am one myself atm) reading the title of this thread and being incensed!

Momof2 Thu 22-Jan-04 12:14:25

LOL - Door tax - How would they know if we left the house? Would they employ a door watcher?? And would it only be out of the front door or would the back door count too?
Also do you reckon they offer a bonus for not leaving or staying in the kitchen all day?

JJ Thu 22-Jan-04 12:14:51

Yes, it's satire. Very Onion-esque.

And very funny!

Beccarollover Thu 22-Jan-04 12:16:12

oops only read first few lines - didnt realise it was a piss take

Crunchie Thu 22-Jan-04 12:33:04

This is brilliant, check out around the site, you can buy your own Bad Mother Doll!! The posh one telss you to put on your skis and go to nanny if you want a kiss

secur Thu 22-Jan-04 12:34:32

Message withdrawn

Demented Thu 22-Jan-04 22:32:39


FairyMum Fri 23-Jan-04 07:21:12

My FIL would think this was a very well-written article I am sure!

Clarinet60 Fri 23-Jan-04 22:24:11

Shall we email it to Minnette Marrin?

kiwisbird Fri 23-Jan-04 22:30:05

I'm fully intending to be still baking muffins and yorkshire pudings long past 2008!!! May not remain in England though!!! Price of eggs dontcha know?
What humour!!!! Lurveeee it!!

LJsmum Sat 24-Jan-04 04:10:22

'Most women do not need to work outside the home, and only do it to 'buy trivial luxuries, such as salad.' SALAD???? Salad is the one of the last things I'd be thinking about buying... and I certainly don't consider it a luxury. What planet is this person on?? Very strange.

uplate Sat 24-Jan-04 07:29:55

note to self.....stop buying salad........

marthamoo Sat 24-Jan-04 08:54:23

Love it

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