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Minimum pricing for alcohol

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juneau Wed 13-Mar-13 14:02:23

A good idea or yet another example of the nanny state?

It's both, I suppose, but as someone who only ever drinks moderately and who thinks the cost of alcohol in this country is already ridiculous, thanks to all the duty slapped on by the chancellor, I resent the idea that I'll have to pay more for my modest intake just because others can't control themselves. The rebel in me is getting pretty fed up with being told what I can and can't do too, as a tax-paying, consenting, adult.

I also question whether it will have much, if any, impact. After all, if you're an alcoholic, is a modest price increase really going to make you stop drinking?

cumfy Thu 04-Apr-13 13:45:32


I emailled Royal College of Physicians to clarify whether they actually endorsed

They do not

RCP emailled me:

The RCP has not formally endorsed and I have asked for this statement to be removed.

specialsubject Thu 04-Apr-13 17:53:41

I don't drink and never have - don't like the stuff. But I don't support the proposal to raise the price of alcohol. The kiddy guzzlers all have enough to throw away £50 a night on booze as it is, and it will make no difference. The alcoholics will do it anyway. Those who like a glass of wine with their meal and can (shock horror) drink the £3 a bottle which is the cheapest you can now get, will be the ones who will notice.

too much booze leaves you vomiting in the gutter and with a memory loss due to brain damage. Yet the kids still keep doing it. You can't legislate to improve intelligence or understanding of cause and effect. Getting this drunk needs to be seen as disgusting, not fun

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