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Oscar Pistorious Pt3

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bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Fri 22-Feb-13 13:33:27

Hope no one else has started this.

Andro Fri 22-Feb-13 13:34:02

Yours is the first replacement.

AnyaKnowIt Fri 22-Feb-13 13:35:12

there is another one

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Fri 22-Feb-13 13:35:16

But I've spelled his name wrong - damn!

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Fri 22-Feb-13 13:35:21

We`ll be on pt4 before he stops waffling

LadyBeagleEyes Fri 22-Feb-13 13:35:50

There is another one, thanks to both of you.
I'm posting on this as it's the first, he's still bloody going on though, isn't he?

DyeInTheEar Fri 22-Feb-13 13:36:10

Wow this magistrate has managed to make the biggest international story seem boring

Andro Fri 22-Feb-13 13:36:16

We`ll be on pt4 before he stops waffling

How to urn dreams into a nightmare...

bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Fri 22-Feb-13 13:36:21

My 7 yr old DD will have finished prmiary before we get an answer.

sadeyedladyofthelowlandsase Fri 22-Feb-13 13:37:05

I started mine the same time as you... and we're still not done!

DyeInTheEar Fri 22-Feb-13 13:37:22

Has he just asked for 5 minutes to think about this?

AnyaKnowIt Fri 22-Feb-13 13:37:25

whats going on?

sadeyedladyofthelowlandsase Fri 22-Feb-13 13:37:40


bunchamunchycrunchycarrots Fri 22-Feb-13 13:37:50

FFS! An adjournement? A fucking Adjournment? Has he talked himself hoarse or something? Bored himself stupid?

DyeInTheEar Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:05

Has he just seen a bit more evidence....

sadeyedladyofthelowlandsase Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:13

Is he nipping out for a quick fag do we think?

DreamsTurnToGoldDust Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:27

He`s gone for a nap hasnt he, he`s probably exhausted.

AnyaKnowIt Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:37

Can't believe he has just fucked off like that!

sadeyedladyofthelowlandsase Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:51

Bored himself stupid? <roars>

foofooyeah Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:53

Keep going, I have no access to the news so need this find out what is happening IRL

Andro Fri 22-Feb-13 13:38:53

Maybe he needs a glass of water after all the waffling

LadyBeagleEyes Fri 22-Feb-13 13:39:11

Whatever happens, he looks like a broken man.
Whoever said he should be on suicide watch is right.

PuffPants Fri 22-Feb-13 13:40:19

Has he gone to the library to get another history book?

Andro Fri 22-Feb-13 13:40:27

I actually think the poor guy is panicking - I don't envy him having to make the call (even though it's his job).

DyeInTheEar Fri 22-Feb-13 13:40:34

He's changed his mind. Or realised he didn't give a thorough enough history of bail proceedings.

am watching it on Sky - some guy called Booth criticising the lengthy nature of these proceedings. Saying judge is leaning towards bail.

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