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More hospitals to be investigated

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so3368 Sat 09-Feb-13 15:37:46

Watch the space for more scandals to emerge

so3368 Sat 09-Feb-13 15:52:57

10 Horrifying thoughts about an NHS Trust

copied from a local newspaper website (Newsshopper)

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

1. Responsible for deaths of several of their patients in and outside their hospitals and the killings of innocents in South East London. Their hospital have become death camps.
'Lack of care' blamed for 'suicides' in mental health units (From News Shopper)
Mental patient Nicola Edgington made 21 calls for help before killing granny - Crime - News - London Evening Standard

2. Ruled by the dictatorial royalty (chief executive, deputy chief executive and directors) from Pinewood PALACE (trust headquarters).

Board of Directors - Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

3. Responsible for diverting much needed cash from the cash strapped health authorities of Greenwich, Bexley and Bromley. They do have more than 70 million pounds in their coffers! Is this theft or profiteering?

4. Partly responsible for the closing down of essential hospital services in Lewisham and Sidcup while trying to expand their empires around South East London. Essential hospital services in South East London including A&Es and ambulance services are not able to cope with the patient they neglect and thrown into the streets. Patients have killed themselves in Princess Royal University Hospital after being denied much needed mental health care in the mental health units. Bexleyheath stabbing in another good example to patients going to A&E departments or having to ring the police or ambulance to seek mental health care.

BBC News - Bexleyheath knife killer Nicola Edgington guilty of murder
Save Lewisham Hospital campaign

5. The Pinewood PALACE (trust headquaters) have more staff than any hospital or health center sites. Patients are not allowed anywhere near the PALACE. The directors do not want their pristine five star facilities to be spoiled by their patients. So the palace is located farthest away from the subjects they exhort money from.

6. There is a rumour that the Medial Director of the trust only does private practice. He does not see any NHS patients. He makes his money by taking patients from the NHS hospital. If this is true, why is he being paid a performance related bonus of £40, 000 on top of his regular salary of more than £150,000

7. Quick to blame poorly paid nurses gets fired while the top managers gets big bonuses.
Bexleyheath knife murder: Nurses fired for lying how they chased killer Nicola Edgington (From News Shopper)

Nicola Edgington: Schizophrenic who decapitated innocent grandmother in the street with 12in butcher's knife is found guilty of murder | Mail Online

"The recommendation for her conditional release was made by a team led by Dr Janet Parrott, an eminent psychiatrist. Edgington’s own family warned against her release. In March 2011, Edgington was allowed to stop her mood stabiliser drugs after she claimed she was pregnant. She later said she had miscarried but was never restarted on the drugs.In September 2011, she told her care team she had suffered a second miscarriage and had been threatened by an ex-boyfriend.Despite this, medical notes from Edgington’s care team show they believed she was ‘coping well’." (from the daily mail news article)

8. The number of managers keep increasing while the number of doctors and nurses keep decreasing. There is not enough room at Pinewood PALACE and they want to move to bigger offices. Doctors, nurses and patient will be kicked out to make room for more managers.

9. They spend a huge amount of money on propaganda and meeting the targets and their propaganda department goes into overdrive if there are any awards on offer in the country. They receive several awards and their rating are always excellent. But they don't care about their patients.

CQC gives Bracton Centre a good report - News - Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Bracton Centre wins 13 Koestler Awards - News - Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

10. Spend the huge amounts of money on IT department for big-brother activity to bully and intimidate staff. Trust is not concerned about patients killing themselves or killing others. Mantra is "documentation, documentation, documentation" so that Chief Executive can claim that the decisions were "sound". Ignore the poor patients, worship the computer. Nurses are not able to think about the patients, they worry all the time about getting all the forms completed.

Jeremy Hunt urges police to investigate Mid Staffordshire hospital deaths | Society |

BexleyFemale777 Fri 21-Jun-13 07:26:30

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BexleyFemale777 Sat 24-Aug-13 12:52:18

Oxleas NHS cause more suffering to patients than when the patients went in.

Loneliness and despair is rife and if you do not like coloring in books or watching soaps on tv you may as well curl up and die.

Their motto is Lock them up, Drug them up, Label them up, Shut them up.

It is pitiful to watch people with a high IQ who may have suffered an emotional trauma be treated like animals at feeding time when being handed out medication that often is not needed.

Where is the care? Where is the humanity? Most people just want time to talk about their life and feelings, yet Oxleas doctors/staff just want to pop pills into mouths and sedate everyone.

Pills are never the answer, but often a genuine listening ear is.

When a patients has to ring the Samaritans when in the care of Oxleas NHS surely that speaks volumes.

soulsurvive55 Tue 22-Oct-13 19:37:19

Tragedy, Tragedy, Tragedy.
Managers talk rubbish, while patients suffer and die

This is criminal

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