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'Mindless gimmick' or Art?

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pie Fri 16-Jan-04 11:47:24

Will you be tuning in?

Janstar Fri 16-Jan-04 11:51:45

What utter B*****ks!

popsycal Fri 16-Jan-04 11:52:17

i saw that on the news too!
bizarre to say the least
i cuoldnt type what dh said1

M2T Fri 16-Jan-04 11:54:08


mothernature Fri 16-Jan-04 11:54:39

"Mostly what you could hear was people getting up and walking out"

BBC Symphony Orchestra general manager Paul Hughes.

I wonder why!!

Northerner Fri 16-Jan-04 11:55:27

The world has gone mad

Batters Fri 16-Jan-04 11:57:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cam Fri 16-Jan-04 12:41:48

Oh my God, I'm going to enter a blank unframed canvas for the Turner Prize next year (or has it already been done?) on the grounds that most art is in your imagination...

Hulababy Fri 16-Jan-04 12:43:22

ROFL What next, eh?

Marina Fri 16-Jan-04 13:18:00

Aw, I'm going to stick up for the poor old chap. I can see why John Cage wrote the piece and I think it's great and adventurous that Radio 3 are broadcasting it...he did write a lot of other stuff too, some even has tunes in it (if you listen hard). I might as well confess now that where I work is involved in this festival
But don't get me started on REAL timewasters like Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Crunchie Fri 16-Jan-04 13:42:53

This reminds me of what DH said said today. His theatre has put forward plans for the next three years which include 'landscape theatre'!!! None of the actors know what the hell that is. I suggested it takes them back to drama school and when they all had to pretend they were a tree

Crunchie Fri 16-Jan-04 13:44:49

Oops forgot, the actual point of the tgread!! Reading the article I can see what he was saying about music being all around in the noises we hear. WHat if you were outside when you had this on, and all you could hear was birdsong for instance. Isn't that worth stopping and listening to?

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 13:45:12

if it takes of i bet he'll be laughing his socks off

Angeliz Fri 16-Jan-04 13:47:58

i haven't read the whole article but i like that point crunchie.

Bron Fri 16-Jan-04 14:23:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Paula71 Fri 16-Jan-04 20:55:38

There is a film by Chris Rock called "Pootie Tang" shown on Sky this month which is how we saw it. In it the main character makes a hit single where he doesn't make any noise and there is no music. A bit like the emperors new clothes where everyone raves about it.

And here was me thinking it was just a funny bit in a film!

Heck, if they paid me what they paid that "musician" I'll write the second piece to it!

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 21:00:20

He "wrote" it years ago. And he's dead now.

Cam Tue 20-Jan-04 11:50:36

I'm going to call my painting "John Cage - Self Portrait"

Tinker Tue 20-Jan-04 12:10:19

Saw them discussing this on Late Review - such a load of wank really. All desperately trying to read something into it. Emperor's new clothes.

Batters Tue 20-Jan-04 12:21:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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