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(Warnng upsetting) Little boy murdered for failing to learn passages from the Koran

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ReallyTired Mon 07-Jan-13 12:57:05

This news story made me want to cry. I feel its tragic that no one managed to prevent the horrific abuse. I feel that the entire UK let this little boy down.

This case is as bad as Baby P or Victoria Climbe.

CoteDAzur Sat 12-Jan-13 12:27:48

I looked it up for you. The bald guy is called Elisha. He was teased for his bald head by children. So God sent down two bears to gruesomely murder 42 children. Yes, 42 little children. Yes, for the heinous crime of teasing a man for his baldness.

Well done to the God of Love.

"no one would ever reach God with Good deeds hence the birth and death of Jesus."

I honestly don't understand what the above sentence is to mean. And I have never understood what the death of Jesus was supposed to have achieved. God sires a human child whom he then leads to horrible torture and death so that he himself can then forgive humankind for their past & future sins hmm

"With the dark ages I meant that they may have carried on like this in the name of christianity but that was the power mad leaders using it to control people and I am sure not every member of the church was like that. "

Of course not. And not every member of Iran's Islamic government is a misogynist religious nutcase. But the overall effect is the same - absolute authority through claiming a divine mandate, little freedom of any kind, and certainly no intellectual freedom except to toe the religion's line.

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