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Unbelievable Neil Ellerbeck Case - murderer now back living with the children of the woman he murdered.

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mysteryfairy Mon 14-Jan-13 22:34:24

It's not a nice story but he's not a convicted murderer. He was found guilty, by a jury of his peers who heard all the cases for prosecution and defence, of manslaughter not murder.

tiggytape Tue 08-Jan-13 19:14:39

When SS display so much angst in assessing adoptive parents as suitable or unsuitable. Or when SS look at endless factors to determine when inadequate parenting has tipped over into neglect....

..what part of being a convicted murderer makes a person in anyway possibly suitable to parent a child? Let alone the child of the murder victim?

It is utterly beyond crazy! From a safety point of view the person is either unstable or violent and totally unable to be around children (any children). And from an emotional point of view, how does being raised by the person who murdered their mother ensure a stable or happy life for children who have suffered so much. Let alone their cousins and grandparents and the other people whose lives were ruined by the murder.

flippinada Tue 08-Jan-13 18:28:13

I can't even describe the anger I felt on reading this.

I don't condone vigilante justice but when I read about things like this I can understand why it happens.

4 years - what a fucking joke.

Tryharder Tue 08-Jan-13 17:50:10

I agree 100% with all this.

How do the family of Ellerbeck's wife cope with this? Not only was she killed horribly but her killer gets a sentence less than you get for insurance fraud.

Sad and unbelievable.

Does anyone know how you can protest against this?

cory Mon 07-Jan-13 17:59:06

I read an article in a Swedish paper where it was pointed out that a frighteningly high proportion of Swedish wife murderers still have parental responsibility for the children whose mother they had murdered, whether actually living with them or running their lives from prison. An enquiry is being called for.

I just don't get how it doesn't count as emotional abuse to force someone to live in the same house as the person who murdered their mum. sad

Pixel Sun 06-Jan-13 20:19:47

Doesn't surprise me, sadly. My cousin had an injunction against her partner because of his violence. He broke into the house and murdered her, got a pathetically short sentence and then social services gave him the children back. Only found this out recently mind you, SS lied to us and told us they'd been adopted.
He wasn't rich by any stretch of the imagination.

FestiviaBlueberry Sun 06-Jan-13 19:17:17

I just can't believe that the simple fact that should stare everyone in the face just doesn't: that allowing a man who has murdered a child's mother, to then have care and control of that child and live with them, is child abuse.

Who is protecting those children from that abuse? Basically they are being told that the murder of their mother really didn't matter that much.

And yes bringbacksideburns, I suspect that there is a class element to it. I'm not sure people would have been so happy to have let someone who hadn't been a city banker have custody of his children when he'd murdered their mother.

Meglet Sun 06-Jan-13 13:11:19

It doesn't bloody surprise me angry.

Time after time on here there are women with utter wankers for XH's who still think their children should have a relationship with the father, or are told they should allow contact. IME the only line to take is zero tolerance, you abuse the mother (or father) therefore you abuse the kids and you don't see them any more.

How screwed up will the children be by this. I wouldn't fancy living with a murderer.

grimbletart Sun 06-Jan-13 13:04:17

Oh and the other 'minor' message is: Daddy is allowed to have an affair, kill his wife because she had one, serve a derisory time in jail and then go back to his children. His wife, of course, deserved to die because she had an affair, just like her husband.

Oh and let's not forget it was manslaughter, not murder, because his wife only had 46 injuries. How many would qualify for murder - do you have to reach the 50 mark?

bringbacksideburns Sun 06-Jan-13 12:57:25

It's hideous. It actually makes me feel sick to the stomach.

How in the world has he got away with this. How can a violent murderor be back living with his children?

Because he's very rich?

FestiviaBlueberry Sun 06-Jan-13 12:51:52

Right, so what messages do the children get from this?

1. Mummy's life wasn't worth that much
2. Killing a child's mother makes you a fit parent for that child
3. Don't piss Daddy off too much
4. If your wife pisses you off, brutally murder her by inflicting 46 wounds on her. You won't serve too long a sentence and then afterwards, you'll get back custody of the kids.
5. If you're a wife, don't piss your old man off too much, especially if he's a rich white man with a good lawyer.

I can't fucking believe this. Except that it is so sickeningly familiar and par for the course.

But we don't need feminism, oh no, we're all equal now. hmm

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