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Any journalist MNers? When is the NY Honours list in the papers?

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edam Sat 05-Jan-13 16:06:59

I know this has been sorted (and congratulations to the person who had been honoured) just wanted to go arrgghh on this subject as I need a list from the cabinet office of the members of the organisation for which I work who have been honoured. There are usually five or six (BEMs or MBEs usually). Apparently they can't provide this until Wednesday!

Parisbanana Fri 28-Dec-12 14:05:24

Yep pretty sure they're in tomorrow's Guardian

MotherOfTheBritishEmpire Fri 28-Dec-12 14:00:21

Thank you smile

Nancy66 Fri 28-Dec-12 12:54:52

I'd go with the guideline you've been given then and plan a celebration from 29th onwards

MotherOfTheBritishEmpire Fri 28-Dec-12 12:45:07

That's what i thought, but the letter to my family member says "your name will be included in the List published in the London Gazette and some national newspapers on 29 December 2012"

"Official Publication Time: 00:01 Hours 29 December 2012"

"Copies of the Honours List will be given to certain members of the press 12 hours before the official publication time shown above. This is to help them prepare thier reports about the honours List"

I am the sole confidante and trying to co-ordinate a secret celebratory lunch with frail and disabled family members, one of whom who may not make it to the official ceremony date, so marking it on publication day.

Nancy66 Fri 28-Dec-12 11:13:55

they are embargoed until midnight on the 31st

MotherOfTheBritishEmpire Thu 27-Dec-12 18:19:57

Shameless bump!

MotherOfTheBritishEmpire Thu 27-Dec-12 16:33:49

Is it the 29th, saturday?
Or later?
Thank you smile

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