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Woman Recovering from Double Lung Transplant has benefits cut to £21 p/w

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dingdongMadHairDayonhigh Fri 21-Dec-12 18:42:40

So disgusting but yes not shocked anymore.

It's terrifying. Poor, poor woman. I have non CF bronchiectasis which is the same disease in the lungs as CF. I'm just recovering from double pneumonia, in hospital often and have chest infections again and again, life is always affected by it, whether by infection, exhaustion, just coping. I get DLA but can easily walk across a room on a good day, in fact can walk the dc to nearby school, which I made clear on the original DLA forms. The difference now is that ATOS just see if you can reach up your arms/bend over, whereas before letters from consultants, gps, physios etc counted.

It's something so many of us dread. I k now they will cut my DLA despite me needing it for keeping going due to my illness.

It makes me weep, it really does.

Please keep writing to MPs, signing petitions, whatever you can do. Because the list posted above is just going to grow and grow, and people like Louise left in completely shattering circumstances.


Dromedary Thu 20-Dec-12 23:48:12

People who are supposed to be objective - eg GPs, ATOS staff and judges - so easily reach decisions based on the Government of the day's ethos. Principles / backbone in short supply.

Izzyschangelingisarriving Thu 20-Dec-12 23:34:09

sorry I dont have a link, I have copied it from FB

Izzyschangelingisarriving Thu 20-Dec-12 23:32:51

How many more people are going to die with this bunch of morons in control?

Richard Sanderson, 44, drew up meticulous suicide plans after learning he could no longer afford the flat he shared with his wife and nine-year-old son after being told their housing benefit would be cut by £30 a month.Richard stabbed himself twice through the heart.

Paul Reekie,48, left no suicide note but a letter informing him that his welfare benefits were to be stopped were found next to his body.

Paul Willcoxson, 33,Who had mental health problems was found hanging in Pignals Enclosure, near Hollands Wood campsite.A suicide letter and next of kin note were found in which he expressed concerns about the cuts to his benefits.

Leanne Chambers,30, Leanne Chambers body was found in the river weir five months after she walked out of her home she had battled depression for a number of years and had taken a turn for the worse after receiving a letter telling her she had to be assessed by a doctor she did not know, to see if she was fit to return to work.

Christelle Pardo,32 and Kayjah Pardo 6 months, After having all her income cut off and her housing benefit withdrawn, and with a baby to care for, she had been left destitute. When she begged for help the only response from the DWP was that she didn't qualify under the rules,So she killed herself and her young child.

Elaine Christian, 57, was found in a drain after walking out of her home. A post mortem revealed she had died from drowning, despite having more than ten self-inflicted cuts on her wrists.The inquest in Hull was told Mrs Christian had been deeply worried about a meeting she was due to have to discuss her entitlement to disability benefits.

David Groves, 56, died of a massive heart ­attack the night before his medical assessment as he sat at his computer and scoured the Internet for ways to raise cash in case he lost his entitlement.

Mark and Helen Mullins were found lying side by side in their home after committing suicide together.They had been left destitute after Helen had her claim for benefit turned down,they had no food, no heating and no electric.

Linda Knott, 46, had worked as a supervisor at the Brierley Community Centre in Little Hulton for 16 years before it fell victim to spending cuts.The news tipped her into depression and she had already taken an overdose of pills eight days before she was found hanging at her home in Walkden.

Jack Shemtob, 53 jumped to his death from his office building after human resources told him he was losing his job as part of the governments cost cutting programme.

Stephen Hill,53, Died of a heart attack a month after having his benefits were stopped, after being told his heart problem were not serious enough to stop him working.

Craig Monk, 43,was found hanging in his home, he had a a partial amputation of his leg and was described by his family as “vulnerable” he became depressed that his benefits had been cut.

Martin Rust, 36,a schizophrenic had his benefits cut and was ordered back to work.He left a note saying: “To those I love, I’m sorry. Goodbye.” Coroner William Armstrong said the DWP’s decision “caused distress and may well have had an adverse effect”, recording that Mr Rust had committed suicide while suffering from a treatment-resistant mental illness.

Paul Turner, 52 died from ischaemic heart disease – caused, his family claim, by the stress of losing his benefits.He was told his heart problems were not serious enough for him not to work,he died 4 weeks later.

Mark Scott, 46, who suffered from anxiety, epilepsy was left penniless when he was declared fit for work and his benefits were stopped.He died six weeks later in the Southport flat where he lived alone.

Colin Traynor, who was a life long epileptic. He was assessed as fit for work, he appealed, but his parents say he became depressed and lost weight , he died less than four months later,the day after his death his parents found out he had won That appeal.

Please out of respect for these people do not write abusive comments just press like or share or both so their stories can be told and others can be saved from this governments policy of hate against the most vulnerable..Thank you 'The Naked Truth'

claig Thu 20-Dec-12 23:24:01

This is terrible. Tax cuts for millionaires, some companies paying little tax and huge payoffs out of the public purse for BBC bosses and then cuts for people recovering from illness. The priorities are wrong.

Pantomimedam Thu 20-Dec-12 23:08:26

I'm glad dh is doing well.

Yes indeed re. first year after transplant. Sadly ATOS and the govt. aren't interested in a rational assessment of the needs of disabled people. An MP silenced the House of Commons yesterday when he spoked about a constituent who had killed himself after his benefits were withdrawn after a ridiculous ATOS assessment. Everyone shut up but there is very little chance that the posh boys will actually change anything. Makes you sick when you think back before the election and how people hoped that Cameron's personal experience would give him more empathy with the vulnerable...

misdee Thu 20-Dec-12 22:33:04

Dh is doing well.

The first year or so after a transplant, you are ery vunerable. Your meds get changed a lot, you have regular check ups, regular blood test. Your immune system is suppressed.

Add to that, this young lady has CF which won't go away, and will impact on her mobility leves, illnesses etc. I am gob smacked this has happened.

Walking across a room cannot be used to determined ones entitlement to DLA, the full medical facts mst be looked at, and in this case I don't feel the GP in question took all the facts into account.

Jinsei Thu 20-Dec-12 21:35:09

It's utterly depressing to think that this can happen in a so-called civilised society. Sadly, I think we're going to see more and more cases like this. sad

ttosca Thu 20-Dec-12 21:26:23

There will be a debate about this in January in Parliament.

You can still sign the WoW petition.

Otherwise, write to your MP and tell them how vile and disgusting you think these policies are.

ttosca Thu 20-Dec-12 21:25:30


Is there anything useful we can actually do? Email/write to MP/her MSP or someone?

I'm not sure how useful it is to petition a bunch of psychpaths, but there are at least two petitions against the way welfare and benefits reforms are being carried out:

The 'Wow' petition:

Ah. Pat's petition is now closed:

ttosca Thu 20-Dec-12 21:23:22

Richard Hawkes, chief executive of the disability charity Scope, said: "The 'benefit scrounger' rhetoric has gone too far. Some people need benefits. Get over it. The vast majority of disabled people need support. They aren't feckless, they aren't workshy and they aren't scroungers. Benefits mean disabled people can do things everyone else takes for granted. Every Paralympic athlete will have had some state support at some stage. This bill doesn't protect disabled people. In fact, it cuts support for the many disabled people who are looking for work."

littleducks Thu 20-Dec-12 21:02:47

Is there anything useful we can actually do? Email/write to MP/her MSP or someone?

mercibucket Thu 20-Dec-12 20:41:28

That is disgusting

I know it's very easy to say 'we expect nothing more from this government' but they will sink as low as we let them. We must stay outraged at each and every attack on the disabled, weak and vulnerable in our society

mercibucket Thu 20-Dec-12 20:41:28

That is disgusting

I know it's very easy to say 'we expect nothing more from this government' but they will sink as low as we let them. We must stay outraged at each and every attack on the disabled, weak and vulnerable in our society

Pantomimedam Thu 20-Dec-12 20:34:20

How's dh doing, misdee?

misdee Thu 20-Dec-12 20:30:00

That's awful! After dh transplant they extended his Dla for 2 years.

Pantomimedam Thu 20-Dec-12 20:21:57

Absolutely appalling but sadly an entirely foreseeable result of this government's cruelty towards the vulnerable.

pointysettia Thu 20-Dec-12 19:23:36

I am sad to hear this. But in no way surprised, unfortunately.

ttosca Thu 20-Dec-12 17:41:57

Benefit bosses have sparked outrage by slashing payments for a young woman who is recovering from a double lung transplant operation.

Louise Davidson 20 from Paisley, Scotland, has had Cystic Fibrosis since birth, has been left in tears by the decision to chop her benefits from £130 per week to just £21 per week.

And to compound matters, the DWP are taking back her mobility motor.

This has happened just six months after her cruelling transplant operation.

Louise had her DLA case reviewed by a GP who came to visit her at her home. Louise was asked to walk from one side of the room to the other. An act that she able to do – and that was enough for her DLA to be withdrawn.

She told local paper, The Paisley Daily Express:

“I am still on all my medication, which makes me dizzy and tired and I get really bad shakes.After a day when I have a lot to do, I end up sore and exhausted and need days to recover I’m so tired that I can hardly move”

Louise suffers from extreme breathlessness from a genetic disease that clogs up her lungs with sticky mucus.

She underwent a transplant operation in June and, since then, has been trying to rebuild her life.

This decision means that Louise will be left without any help towards her mobility costs – despite having to travel to hospital in Newcastle every six weeks for a check-up.

“There has been a bit of rejection with the new lungs and the doctors have increased my steroids which brings down my immune system”

“This means I can’t be in crowds or use public transport.”

“If they are going to take my car away from me, I don’t know how I will get around or down to Newcastle.”
Paisley MSP George McAdam said he was ‘shocked and disgusted’ by the way that Louise has been treated.

However, a DWP spokesman defended the efforts to reduce the amounts of benefits being paid to people in Louise’s position.

“We continue to spend around £13billion a year on DLA and we have a duty to keep in touch with claimants about their circumstances.”

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