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woman suffocated her new born baby walks free

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starshaker Wed 12-Apr-06 22:37:29

here this is so sad

edam Wed 12-Apr-06 22:38:57

Oh, that poor girl.

harpsichordcarrier Wed 12-Apr-06 22:39:14

oh god what an awful story
poor woman and poor little baby

lockets Wed 12-Apr-06 22:41:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angeliz Wed 12-Apr-06 22:41:50

poor baby

PinkTulips Wed 12-Apr-06 22:43:39

poor woman? she was in control of her actions well enough to have sex! why couldn't she just give it up for adoption? she should have been locked up, prison or mental health facility but locked up either way

lilianna Wed 12-Apr-06 22:45:51

i have to agree with pinkTulips

harpsichordcarrier Wed 12-Apr-06 22:46:00

well the judge decided she was not in control of her actions. there was presumably a psychiatric report.

edam Wed 12-Apr-06 22:46:25

She had sex nine months before giving birth, Tulip... concealed pregnancy is hardly a novel concept. People don't act rationally when they are terrified or unable to handle the fact that they are pregnant. The poor girl deserves compassion, not condemnation.

Janh Wed 12-Apr-06 22:46:26

<<The 21-year-old did not realise she was expecting until she was 20 week pregnant. She asked doctors for a termination but was told it was too later. Scared of her parents reaction she wore baggy clothes and kept her pregnancy secret.>>

She was told it was too late - so then what? No counselling or advice or referrals? Hello?

lockets Wed 12-Apr-06 22:49:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PinkTulips Wed 12-Apr-06 22:50:02

if she was mentally unstable enough to get of with murdering her child she should be in some sort of mental health facility for therapy and counselling. if she's not crazy enough for that then why has she gotton away with it? shes not a teen parent, what would her parents have done that was so bad? and the fathers family were in court so he can't have raped her or anything like that.

doesn't make sense

Janh Wed 12-Apr-06 22:51:42

PinkTulips, without all the facts you really can't judge her.

PinkTulips Wed 12-Apr-06 22:52:47

some women only find out their preganant when they hae the baby, they don't all kill the babies in fright! 20 weeks is half a pregnancy to decide what to do, and like JanH said, doctors must have known if she tried to get an abortion, surely she was offered help?

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 12-Apr-06 22:53:16


More to be pitied than villified.

Her relationship with the father of her child was obviously a lot less horrific than that of her parents.

The body of her son was discovered hidden in a cupboard in the family home in Buckie - Beverley had admitted to police that she had smothered him minutes after giving birth to him alone in her bedroom.

I grew up in Holy Catholic Ireland and I would never have been this terrified. My parents would have been sad, sad for me, sad for the baby, sad that nothing would have come to close to reaching the then status quo.

But I would never ever even have considered her course of action. The very basis of human nature is to nurture, she must have been in a very bad place.

lockets Wed 12-Apr-06 22:54:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harpsichordcarrier Wed 12-Apr-06 22:54:10

you can read the sentencing report here

no psychiatric disorders but psychological and behavourial problems
I simply cannot imagine giving birth in silence and in secret

Janh Wed 12-Apr-06 22:54:13

PT, no, I was assuming she wasn't given any support by the GP - that they said no abortion, sorry, next? and that was the end of it.

edam Wed 12-Apr-06 22:55:46

Pinktulips, cases take months or even years to come to court. Presumably the judge and jury know more than we do about the poor girl's state of mind at the time this happened and now.

PinkTulips Wed 12-Apr-06 22:56:36

sorry all, tbh theres no way in hell i'm going to come round to the whole 'poor her' philosophy and i don't want to have a fight about it. you're all entitled to your opinions, i just can't agree with you so i'll leave it alone now.

Janh Wed 12-Apr-06 22:56:44

And under the circs, why was 20 weeks considered too late? Post-amnio terminations occur later than that. Awful for the medics involved I know but surely that would have been better than this?

harpsichordcarrier Wed 12-Apr-06 22:57:39

did you read the sentencing report
poor porr woman. her life is just so blighted now

edam Wed 12-Apr-06 22:57:48

Pinktulips, what purpose does condemning her serve? Does it make you feel good?

lockets Wed 12-Apr-06 22:58:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 12-Apr-06 22:59:27

Pink Tulips

Are you in a really really great place in your life ??

Because I am sorry,but you come across as super smug.

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