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BSE testing on UK cattle to be stopped!

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Beaaware Thu 13-Dec-12 10:18:30

Here we go again the BSE nightmare, the government have decided on your behalf to stop testing all cattle for BSE that enter the food chain:

I for one do not trust the Conservative government over BSE, they allowed contaminated beef into our food and medicine chain, millions of us have been exposed to vCJD, 1 in 2000 of us are walking around with the infectious prions in our bodies (known as asymptomatic carriers), millions of us are still banned from donating our bood overseas, how can we ever trust conservative ministers who blatantly lied to the British Public for 16 years.

I have read about cows still developing BSE not only in the Uk but also in Switzerland and USA, the recent bse infected cow in Switzerland originated from the UK, what happened to its parents and siblings. were they tested for BSE or did they enter the food UK food chain.

I will never forget the image of LORD JOHN GUMMER feeding (apparently) his daughter with a safe BeefBurger, I have since met people who have lost their daughters, sons, mothers, fathers to HUMAN MAD COW DISEASE. This disease has not gone away, there is a blood test currently in use at the Prion Clinic in London which tests at least 12 referrals a month Mad Cow Disease.

This decision by our conservative ministers to stop testing cows for bse is imo foolish.

Many more people will die from Human Mad Cow Disease, it can incubate in the human body for upto 50 years the last exposure year given to the british public was 1996, this means that deaths from vCJD are likely to peak until 2046.
We face an epidemic of dementia in the UK by 2050.
Human Mad Cow Disease (Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease) is a 'dementia' disease

BartletForTeamGB Thu 13-Dec-12 18:41:01

And here you are again!

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