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Exposure, newsnight ect Part 3

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AnyaKnowIt Thu 06-Dec-12 12:57:29

Other thread getting full

Lockedout434 Thu 21-Feb-13 23:49:37

Isn't it. I havent been on di forum for ages I might just wander by

Lockedout434 Thu 21-Feb-13 23:54:03

But before I go this was interesting about bbc and its culture

Multiple accusations of bullying have been made against a senior BBC executive, who has been named in a collective complaint by more than 20 people.

The National Union of Journalists is understood to have submitted a 100-page report to the BBC regarding allegations of bullying, harassment and intimidation at the corporation.

Some 40 pages of the report are believed to be about a single, long-serving BBC employee.

A redacted version of the complaint has been submitted to the official inquiry into bullying and sexual harassment at the BBC being overseen by Dinah Rose QC. It is understood that the complaints will be investigated by a BBC manager and a member of the corporation's human resources department.

Lockedout434 Thu 21-Feb-13 23:57:56

Fuck sake

ring ring ring

David Ward
The Guardian, Thursday 10 August 2006

Police yesterday began a fingertip search of the back garden of a south London house said to have been the centre of a paedophile ring for 40 years.
Detectives are investigating claims that the bodies of two children may be buried in the garden of the modern terrace home on the New Addington estate near Croydon. "Forensic searches are continuing," said a spokesman. "A fingertip search of the rear garden is taking place. [Teams are] doing a phased forensic examination of the site. They will dig if they need to."

Officers yesterday cleared bushes from a corner of the garden where concrete was laid and a shed built in 1970. A wishing well was also constructed in the same area. The search will continue today and is expected to last for two weeks.

Investigations began after residents of 107 Walton Green, who are not connected with the investigation, received a letter saying that bodies were buried in the back garden more than 30 years ago.

Leslie Ford-Thrussell, 72, a convicted paedophile, used to live in the house, but not at the time of what are described in the letter as the "historic incidents". The former gardener is serving a 12-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2004 of nine offences against girls.

The Sun has claimed that he ran a paedophile ring from the house with two other men, said to be Stephen Dedman, now dead, and a man who cannot be named. The paper also claims that the letter to residents had been written by Mr Dedman's son Paul, who lived at 107 Walton Green with his mother, Shirley, and his father. Ford-Thrussell married Shirley Dedman and moved into the house after Stephen Dedman died of cancer in 1985.

Police say the house and garden are being treated as a potential crime scene, although no one has been arrested. "We are not certain that an offence has been committed," said Detective Chief Inspector Mark Stockford of Croydon CID.

"We are taking a proportionate response to information that indicates that an offence may have been committed ... A significant search like this is not undertaken lightly."

Cousinit Fri 22-Feb-13 09:13:54

That story about the special protection officer...I can't find any mention of it at all in the other national newspapers (well, the online versions at least). That strikes me as quite odd.

Cousinit Fri 22-Feb-13 09:29:12

Actually I have now found pieces from The Guardian and The Mirror and it may have been covered elsewhere. I just had to actively do a search for it as the story wasn't on the front page or in the new headlines.

Cousinit Fri 22-Feb-13 09:29:48

News headlines.

AnyaKnowIt Fri 22-Feb-13 12:01:53

Paxman says its was common knowledge about savile

AnyaKnowIt Fri 22-Feb-13 12:25:43

just seen this on twitter

Lockedout434 Fri 22-Feb-13 13:42:27

Police digging up the garden of a convicted paedophile said yesterday no human remains were found. The search of the former home of paedophile Leslie Ford-Thrussell in Croydon, south London, had ended, a police spokesman confirmed. It had been alleged the bodies of children were buried 35 years ago in the back garden of the semi-detached house.
The spokesman said: "We are now reviewing the situation as a result of information gathered during the investigation." Ford-Thrussell was jailed in 2004 on seven counts of rape and 23 of indecent assault.

Lockedout434 Fri 22-Feb-13 13:56:39


Looking for ingo on alan green and understand where he was from

Kerb crawlin!!! boys or girls?

THE ESTRANGED wife of Sir Allan Green, the former Director of Public Prosecutions, who resigned after being caught kerb-crawling, was found dead at her home yesterday. Lady Eva Green, 47, is believed to have committed suicide.
Her son, Robin, found her body and an empty bottle of pills in the bedroom of her home in Bristol Mews, Maida Vale, west London, at about 1pm. Her family, including Sir Allan, 56, have been informed.
Lady Eva left her husband a year ago after being married for 25 years. The separation came three months after Sir Allan resigned from his pounds 77,000 a year job, following a police caution in October 1991 after being seen talking to prostitutes in the King's Cross district of London. Sir Allan has never explained why he went to the backstreets after spending the evening at a dinner given for the Law Society.
His resignation was accepted, although the Bar Council said it would welcome him back to practice.
The then Attorney General, Sir Patrick Mayhew, accepted his departure 'with great sadness.' Only nine months before the incident Sir Allan, who was in charge of all criminal proceedings in England and Wales, was knighted on the recommendation of John Major, the Prime Minister.
Within 36 hours of the disgrace the couple flew to Minorca, where Lady Green told waiting journalists that she was standing by her husband. 'I love him,' she said. 'You can draw your own conclusions from that.' Sir Allan said in a whisper: 'We are staying together.'
This statement did not surprise friends who described her as a strong person emotionally.
However, three months later on the eve of their silver wedding anniversary the stress on the couple caused by the scandal appeared to be too much and they agreed to separate. They sold their five-storey pounds 700,000-house in Primrose Hill, north London, and bought separate homes.
Sir Allan returned to the Bar last April as a defence advocate.
The Greens married in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1967 when Eva was 21 and studying economics in London. They returned to England and their son Robin, now a barrister, was born within the year. Later they had Susie, now 22.
A police spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances about the death and they were not looking for any other person. He said: 'An empty bottle of pills was found near the body.'
He added: 'Police were informed at 1.45pm that Lady Eva Green, was found dead at home.' A post-mortem has yet to be arranged.
Sir Allan was unavailable for comment last night.
(Photograph omitted)

swallowedAfly Fri 22-Feb-13 15:45:09

the same names again and again and cover ups again and again. it is disgusting isn't it?

key figures (all associated with far wider rings of child rapists and murderers) have been systematically protected so that not only they go free but rafts of other known associates are left offending because you can't go after them without drawing attention to the protected ones.

it doesn't bear thinking about how many children have been needlessly, raped or killed or both because of these cover ups and offenders going free.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 02:49:16

It's all been covered up all ready this is from 1997 operation goldfinch

Detectives in South Wales are investigating allegations of child abuse at 33 children's homes. Roger Dobson reports on one of Britain's biggest child abuse inquiries, triggered by the suicide of a care worker nine years ago.
Operation Goldfinch, launched yesterday in South Wales, takes the number of children's homes in Wales where allegations of abuse have been made or where there have been police investigations to 96.
Detectives in South Wales are now investigating claims of sexual and physical abuse at 33 children's homes, where more than 250 individual allegations by former residents make the inquiry one of Britain's biggest into child abuse. With the latest inquiry, homes in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, and the South Wales Valleys, have joined those in Clwyd and Gwynedd where the North Wales Abuse Tribunal has been investigating over 500 complaints.
"The allegations range from minor physical abuse to the most serious sexual assault," a police spokesman said yesterday.
Allegations of abuse at homes in areas outside South Wales have also been made to detectives in Cardiff and have been passed to other forces for investigation.
A squad of 42 detectives has been set up by South Wales Police and Chief Constable Tony Burden said yesterday that whatever resources were needed would be made available for an inquiry whose scale is likely to rival that of investigations in Cheshire, North Wales and Merseyside.
The events which led up to the launch of Operation Goldfinch yesterday have their roots in the suicide of a care worker, Alan O'Brien, nine years ago. Following his death, two large suitcases containing paedophile material were found in a left luggage locker at Cardiff railway station. It is not known who put them there, but O'Brien was being investigated over an allegation of abuse on Merseyside.
Around the time of his death, he was working at the Taff Vale Children's Home in Cardiff. No wider action was taken at the time, but last year an inquiry was launched at the home following the jailing of another care worker for abuse.
Following claims that the discovery of the suitcases in 1989 should have been acted upon at the time, West Midlands Police carried out an independent investigation. The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a former director of social services in South Glamorgan, and the former head of Taff Vale, for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office.
In September last year, Cardiff social services formally asked the police to investigate allegations of abuse at Taff Vale. South Wales police began the investigation using a helpline to allow former residents to contact them. It is a result of what police were told by former residents five other homes that were being looked at, and yesterday a second inquiry looking at 27 other homes was launched.
It is the seventeenth and latest of a series of major police investigations in abuse at children's homes in Britain. As with many of the other inquires, most of the claims relate to the Seventies and Eighties.
One man who has given evidence to the North Wales Tribunal told The Independent, "For years they made me think I was to blame for what happened ... it was only when my son was born two years ago that I knew I had to do something. I looked at him and decided that I would do everything I could to make sure the men who abused me never abused any other child."
A helpline has been set up by the police on 01656 869484 for complainants and witnesses to contact.
Two other former Taff Vale staff have been charged with offences, and a third man aged 50 was arrested yesterday.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 02:56:53

The outcome was better than expected but read the whiole article and your teeth begin to grind.
It's under a headline of witch hunt! I am off to see who said what in that parliament debate.

THIRTEEN men have been jailed for a total of more than 100 years in South Wales Police's biggestever child abuse investigation.

But the style of the inquiry is the subject of growing national debate and will soon be discussed by Westminster's influential Home Affairs Select Committee.

Read more: Wales Online

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 03:19:51

This was in the independent today
Dickens was threatened but how ironic is this paragraph
In 1984, he campaigned for the outlawing of Sir Peter’s Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) organisation. He also handed a dossier containing allegations of abuse of children in local authority care to the then Home Secretary, Leon Brittan.
After a 30-minute meeting with Sir Leon, Dickens said he had been “encouraged” but later expressed concern that the Cabinet Minister had not banned the PIE.

Leon fucking brittan ha!

New evidence suggests that Dickens stumbled upon an Establishment paedophile ring in the early 1980s – and that his efforts to expose a cover-up left him in fear of his life. Dickens told fellow MPs that after warning of the existence of the network, he had received threatening phone calls and been burgled twice. He also claimed he had been placed on a “hit-list”, he told the House of Commons in a little-noticed speech.
For four years between 1981 and 1985, Dickens railed in Parliament against a paedophile ring which he claimed was connected to a trade in child pornography, then controlled by gangsters.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 03:33:19

Looking into goldfinch the detective was put up for questioning to mps etc by if you google his name he definitely was put through the mill. Brave man to have to justify everything you have done.
Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Tinnuche will appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee which is looking at past cases of abuse in children's homes.

Det Chief Insp Tinnuche is the head of South Wales Police's Operation Goldfinch, which has spent five years looking at claims of child abuse in homes and approved schools in the area.

The officer will give evidence to MPs investigating if inquiries such as Goldfinch lead to miscarriages of justice.

Strange the would investigate miscarriages of justice not the fuck g huge amount of child rape.

In the report for other witnesses came a name I recognised

Mr Chris Saltrese, Solicitor, Ms Linzi McDonald, Solicitor, Kingsley Napley, and Mr Neil O'May, Solicitor, Bindman & Partners

Mr chris saltrese he has been all over the press with the savile case saying false accusations etc that'ts his specialism of defending people who have been "wrongly accused"

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 03:46:14

Is any on an academic who can get access to

The Soft Core: An Analysis of Pornography Available in Britain 1965-1990; its effects, and its Ramifications for Gender Identity. 25th Anniversary of Essex University Sociology Department. Essex.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 03:47:07

It's by
Dr William Thompson

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 03:50:58

And david rose write now for the daily mail has beenslagged of for being an apologist just recently

Its all the same people saying the same things been classed as experts

15. We sought views on the scale of the problem. David Rose guessed that 50 or more of the 120 or so former care workers convicted of sexual abuse had been wrongfully convicted.[12] Chris Saltrese, a criminal defence solicitor specialising in these cases, estimated that over 100 had been wrongly convicted.[13] Richard Webster, who singled out South Wales as the home to "one of the most dangerous trawling operations", said that in excess of 80 or 90 per cent of the 581 or so suspects trawled by South Wales Police were "completely innocent".[14] Claire Curtis-Thomas MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Abuse Investigations, told us that she had 20 cases in which, she believed, there was "an overt indication that there have been significant abuses of the criminal justice system".[15] Although she did not speculate about the statistics, she said that she was convinced that miscarriages of justice had occurred in these investigations.[16]

swallowedAfly Sat 23-Feb-13 08:09:20

lockedout - there are some academics with access over in feminism usually so a post there asking someone to pm you if they were able to access and happy to send it to you might be useful. it is a feminist area of interest so someone may be keen to read it themselves and happy to help you.

it is the realisation that in covering up these high profile monsters dozens of other criminals, rapists and murderers will have been allowed to go free that is really doing my head in at the moment.

that part hadn't occurred to me till recently - if you can't go after big wig mr so and so because you're told to leave it alone by the powers that be that means 30 other names you know are also implicated in horrendous crimes have to be left at large because you can't go after them as they're tied into the same investigation.

so to protect say cyril smith over a few decades how many dozens of other rapist and murderers and gangsters and god knows what else involved in these rings were knowingly left at large? sounds like covering up one man and his offences but when you stop and think about it it is tons of men and tons of offences going on and on and on sad and angry and [shocked] and we don't have an emoticon for disillusioned and disgusted to the point of wishing their was some way to turn your back on the whole sick establishment once and for all.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 10:31:03

It's the fact that people did this to control people. So people who have no interest in children have just used these children for power, for money and all those othrr people have been complicit as they went to same school or university. It's been going on for years so many people have got do far and then had to stop their investigations.
I just hope that this time with the Internet people will listen and do something. It will never happen again. Governmental cover ups that is

swallowedAfly Sat 23-Feb-13 11:00:25

i'm sure it's still happening i'm afraid and i have no faith it won't happen again. though with eastern europe having opened up and child migrants all over the place they can be even more 'discrete' - these are not children that people report missing and it sounds like a hell of a lot end up in amsterdam sad trading in children's lives - i'm baffled when people say there is no such thing as evil.

Lockedout434 Sat 23-Feb-13 11:50:18

Just read that incoherent, error strewn passage back to myself.
I do apologise I know what I meant even though no one else will.
I do feel better for it though.

Lockedout434 Sun 24-Feb-13 09:05:13

Senior Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard has issued a further statement denying allegations by women party workers of sexual impropriety.

Lockedout434 Sun 24-Feb-13 09:11:58

I think he protested to much the bigot of the year!

Three priests and a former priest in Scotland have reported the most senior Catholic clergyman in Britain, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, to the Vatican over allegations of inappropriate behaviour stretching back 30 years.

Lockedout434 Sun 24-Feb-13 09:15:08

The Italian daily newspaper La Republica said the pope decided to resign on 17 December – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called "Vatileaks" affair.

Last May Pope Benedict's butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and charged with stealing leaked papal correspondence that depicted the Vatican as a seething hotbed of intrigue and infighting.

The newspaper said the cardinals described a number of factions, including one whose members were "united by sexual orientation". It added that some Vatican officials had been subjected to "external influence" from laymen with whom they had links of a "worldly nature". La Republica said this was a clear reference to blackmail.

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