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Meeja Insiders: Does the DM STILL have a 'No Trousers for Women' policy?

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LapsedPacifist Tue 20-Nov-12 00:23:25

Went on a DM photo shoot with a bunch of members of AN Other Forum Ladies mums from the Dark Side for a feature about 'Mother's Day' (don't ask hmm ) about 8 years ago. We all had the full slap and hair makeover, but many of us were horrified to realise we weren't allowed to wear trousers for the photo-shoot.

We were told by the 'stylists' that it wasn't Daily Mail policy to show women wearing trousers in their 'Real Life' features.

The clothes we were told to put on for the photo-shoot were vile. There was only 1 outfit available (beyond vile!) out of several hundred garments that would fit a size 16 and 6-foot tall lass me, even though I had emaiedl them with my height and dress size several weeks in advance. And we were all expected to wear pointy skyscraper high-heeled shoes as well! which is hilarious if you are already 6' tall.

So - is this STILL DM policy? <nosy>

Just wondered, after seeing this - not only another scare-the-shit-out-of-women pile of shite, but with added awful unflattering weird costumes that no-one I know would ever wear nowadays.

And I am seriously not a member of the Fashion Police! shock

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