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How wicked of you, David Cameron.

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vivizone Sat 10-Nov-12 15:04:09

So we're going back to Victorian notions of the 'undeserving poor'. Time to re-open the workhouses.

How this man and his cronies are getting away with so much damage done to the ordinary man and woman, I do not know.

Help us all.

Glitterknickaz Thu 15-Nov-12 22:16:17

apocalyptic predictions?
No, stuff that's actually happening...

domesticgodless Thu 15-Nov-12 23:05:11

Exactly glitterknickaz. Entirely sensible analysis dismissed as 'hysterical', 'apocalyptic', 'overemotional' (that's one 'nice'guy tried on me on another thread), etc. Patronising comments about the 'magic money tree' (a traditional right wing sneer at the 'spendthrift' left, that one).

I'll tell you where the magic money should be coming from, niceguy: corporate taxation. You on the right are so keen to bash the poor, yet the idiot gamblers in the financial sector who got us into the mess we are all currently bailing them out of through our PAYE tax, attract no opprobrium at all from the likes of yourself.

And don't come to me with the BS about 'if we tax them they will leave'. Let the ones who will pay tax stay. The ones who already don't pay for the infrastructure they use, and prefer to exploit their (taxpaying) underpaid workers instead, we won't miss too much. I frankly doubt that we would see Starbucks, Amazon and Google withdraw their generous services from the UK if we made them pay even half the tax they owe, rather than an insulting 0.1%.

Let's just try making corporations actually pay tax for a few months eh, and see how many leave. If the Gods of global industry really decide to abandon us for China and India (and let's face it, they're outsourcing already anyway, since we're not yet prepared to offer them an open free-for-all slave-labour source), then we can all start panicking about the lack of 'trickledown' (another load of BS, for another post).

They're convincing no one but themselves. Anyone with half a brain realises that the magic money vacuum which is sending all our funds into offshore voids is the true problem here. If 'global competition' is a race to the bottom, the UK needs to start protecting itself from it, not selling out its population to corporate slavery.

domesticgodless Thu 15-Nov-12 23:12:58

and btw austerity has been the Coalition excuse for a new and particularly nasty type of social engineering based on conservative moralising about the good and useful citizen. That's why it's relevant here.

I notice no carers are on their list of the deserving. It's the usual cliched 'strivers' and those 'willing' (forced?) to attend some course on 'how to be a good tenant' (yeah, that will really sort out problems like addiction and antisocial behaviour in weeks, won't it?) Btw that last is very much the sort of stupid waste of public money NuLab were so frequently and rightly derided for. But I guess personal responsibility courses (and defence, hence the obligatory conservative-pleasing nod to army veterans) is one of the few things right wingers like to see their taxes spent on. Other than paying private companies to carve up the state. (Seen the Atos bill to the State recently niceguy? Now there's an example of paying yourself more than you earn, if ever I saw one...)

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