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Paedophile babysitter filmed child abuse

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JoanBias Tue 23-Oct-12 14:57:18


Red Saunders was in 2005 aged I guess 16 was found guilty of photographing and sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl while working at a playgroup. He was found to be plotting to film another girl when she reached the age of 10, whom he had already been assaulting between 2002 and 2004. He was not charged for the crimes against the second girl, and given only a supervision order for the former offence.

He, now aged 22, advertised himself as a babysitter on Gumtree, and set up cameras in the children's bedrooms and filmed the seven-year-old girl in October 2011, and raped and filmed an eight-year-old girl in April 2012.

Apparently he 'fobbed off' the parents requesting CRB check.

He also made over 4000 indecent films/photos of children in public places

He is now facing an indefinite sentence. The judge expressed alarm that he was left free in 2005 given the risk he posed to young girls. Clearly impossible to rehabilitate.

jc8889 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:30:27

Thanks for posting the story. With the Savile case, everyone is thinking about how he got away with what he did and who else was involved, but this case presents another really critical question about how judges can make such bad decisions at the point where someone is actually found guilty. Paedophiles are extremely likely to re-offend, usually immediately. They need treatment, and should not be allowed back into society until this is successful - and if it's never successful then they should not be set free. I'm not a daily mail-reading right-wing, pro-capital punishment type (!), but I don't see what else is right here - they will re-offend, and every offence is a life ruined (people generally do get over burglary... but not sexual abuse) and, because people are more likely to abuse if they have been sexually abused (it is true that offenders are likely to have been abused in their past), that suggests we are seeing an exponential increase of sexual abuse in society. A 2010 UK study showed 18% of girls and 5% of boys experienced sexual abuse. Actual figures will probably be considerably higher... there needs to be a proper framework for dealing with sexual offenders.

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