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Mumsnet in the New York Times

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Absy Mon 15-Oct-12 09:51:30

Oooh apparently we're very politically powerful.

Go MN!

Absy Mon 15-Oct-12 09:52:21

And the people at MNHQ are veh chic and good looking <sucks up>

Though I don't like the Keep Calm poster (though it makes sense for people dealing with us lot)

MissKeithLemon Mon 15-Oct-12 10:07:13

Ooh I am impressed grin I like the mention that if the US had its own MN then perhaps maternity rights over there would be more politicised is that even a word?

FarelyKnuts Mon 15-Oct-12 10:23:00

Vair impressive article smile

Frontpaw Mon 15-Oct-12 10:26:54

Did anyone get a namecall?

Sparklingbrook Mon 15-Oct-12 10:28:51

Bit more info here

Shakey1500 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:35:07

Wow, that's a great article.

Makes me feel lots of things. Like I'm a tiny cog in a big wheel. Like I belong to an important movement of sorts. And makes me feel warm and fuzzy grin

Well done all at MN Towers, you should feel rightly proud smile

Absy Mon 15-Oct-12 10:52:32

When I read it I felt SO proud. How awesome is MN? And I think it might be the first time MN's been mentioned in a foreign publication, though I could be wrong.

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